Grape Awards / November Emissions

Proposal for November Emissions:

Grape Awards; A reoccurring event.

100.000 Grape for exceptional members of the grape community!

A way to extend our gratitude as a community to some members that have gone above and beyond. A way to incentivize future individual excellence and a small reward on top of the role emissions.

Proposal A: The DAO selects the candidates, the server votes to select the winners
Proposal B: The Sub-DAOs select the candidates, the server votes to select winners
Proposal C: Free for All

  • Proposal A
  • Proposal B
  • Proposal C

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Role awards: 10.000 $GRAPE
Overall Contribution Award: 20.000 $GRAPE


Overall contribution to Grape (could be more than one member):

*No member should be able to win more than 10.000 $GRAPE *
Multiple winners in each category are allowed (Prize to be split)

  • Accept the Grape Awards Proposal
  • Reject the Grape Awards Proposal

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CC: Barndog
Designer: Patt
Videographer: mrafli

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Moderator: Tariqstp
CC: MetaVerse Explorer, Barndog
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Designer: Barbarossa, Grapeman
Writer: Zhing Richard

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Moderator: Probe, Tariqstp, Johunn
Researcher: Durden, Tmnxeq
Developer: sultanpeyek
Writer: Speedy, takisoul
Designer: Patt
Videographer: Rafli
Translator: natome
CC - Barndog, Metaverse

Overall Contribution: Barndog, Metaverse, Durden, Rafli, adamdelsol

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CC : Barndog, Metaverse Explorer

Designer : Barbarossa

Moderator : Tariqstp

Writer : takisoul

Researcher : Durden , Tmnxeq

Moderator:* Tariqstp, Favour
Researcher: Tnmxeq, Durden
Writer: Speedy#8199
Designer: Patt, Barbarossa#5997
Videographer: Rafly ( mrafli#8243)
Translator: Natome, MiaCat
Community Creator: Barndog, Metaverse

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Writer: Cavicon, Speedy

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CC - Barndog, Metaverse explorer

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pGot this message as an email which is a nice feature so let me respond pretty quick so I can get back to what I’m doing. Rounding up now so I’d be online tomorrow uninterruptedly.
Cc barndog, meta verse, Adamsol
Moderators Tariqstp, favour
Writers BoyCope, speedy, takisol
Researchers Durden, tmnxeq, etherkai, LU
Organizer probe, frigate

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Moderator: Favour, Tariqstp
Researcher: Tmnxeq, Durden
Writer: Speedy, Zhing Richard
Designer: Madivaan, patt
Videographer: Rafli
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Overall Contribution To Grape: Barndog, Adamdesol, Durden

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Writers: Takisoul, Speedy
Researcher: Durden, LU, Etherkai, Tmnx
Designers: Starayush, Grapeman
Organisers: Legend, Probe

I don’t know if there’s a space to add this… but behind the wheels and overall I think Arximedis and Baba did a hell of a job.


Moderator: Favour, Tariqstp, CREX

Researcher: Tmnxeq, Durden

Writer: Speedy, takisoul

Designer: Barbarossa, Madivaan, patt

Videographer: Rafly

CC: Barndog, Metaverse

Overall Contribution To Grape: Adamdesol


Designer: Grapeman - spent alot of time with me through the month helping me re-brand.

CC: Metaverse and Durden

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Moderator: Probe, Tariqstp
Researcher: Durden
Developer: sultanpeyek
Writer: Speedy, Cavicon
Designer: Patt, StarAyush
Videographer: Rafli
Translator: natome
CC - Barndog, Metaverse

Overall Contribution To Grape: Adamdesol, Durden

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*Researcher:Durden,Tmnxeq,Etherkai,burndog,metaverse explorer
Developer:no opinion
Writer:Speedy ,takisoul
CC: Barndog, Metaverse
Overall contribution to Grape Arximedis, Durden, Legend ,adamdesol,Tariqstp

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