Grape Awards/December Emissions (Improved)

After carefully considering the feedback given by the DAO, this is the final format of the Grape Awards for December

Grape Awards is a way to extend our gratitude as a community to some members that have gone above and beyond. A way to incentivise future individual excellence and a significant reward on top of the role emissions.

The DAO selects the candidates via the following nomination process, and the server votes to select the winners.

Category awards: 10.000 $GRAPE
Overall Contribution Award: 20.000 $GRAPE

Nomination Stage Details:

  • Ability to vote for 2 per category (Do not force a vote! you do NOT need to vote for a category if uncertain)

  • Minimum 2 votes for a nomination

  • Max nominees per category: 5 (the 5 most mentioned are selected, except the no category which has a cap of 10 nominees)

  • Remaining GRAPE goes back to Treasury

  • No Team Member Nominations

  • Multiple winners in each category are allowed (Prize to be split)


Nice work with this ser. And I also love the fact that it’s anonymous. It’d drive for excellence


NFT council should be included on Decembers emissions, proposing the smalles tier of emission 5KGRAPE.

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