Alpha Bot Bounty

Alpha Bot Bounty:

Max Reward (Create): 20,000 Grape
Max Reward (Complete): TBD

#infrastructure # DAO # community #reactionbot #discord

This bot will grant an allocation of $GRAPE at the end of each epoch (each week, any time can be decided??) based on the number of reactions a member receives from quality posts within the GRAPE Discord and is open to all GRAPE members.

-Bot must be open-sourced after creation
-Bot must automatically sync with GRAPE verified wallets.
-Bot must automatically tally reactions, and keep a record
–If a user types, /alpha, bot should respond with description of how alpha reaction system works,
/alpha-leaderboard, bot should respond with ((a leaderboard, that user’s reaction #s, a deep link to track reactions on verify.grape)), /alpha-rewards, bot should respond with a tally of grape rewards that are due/ that have been paid out.
-Bot must automatically tally reactions and highlight top community insights in #curated alpha


  1. Add “Alpha Bot” to GRAPE Discord
  2. Create a distinct reaction emoji associated with this bot
  3. Set up interval simple message reminding members how to use the bot

-Boost activity of Discord via consistent and informative content revolves around DeFi and moves around Solana.
-Reward members with expertise who contribute to designated channels.
-Build community development among GRAPE
-Members get rewarded for contributing information that’s valuable to the community.

Final thoughts:
It is my belief that a feature of this nature would integrate seamlessly within the GRAPE community especially as in my view we transition towards contributors with fewer specialized people. If we provide the tools for them to contribute and be rewarded this will hopefully
a) increase valuable posts,
b)add more value for GRAPE members,
c) incentive contribution within the community.
I also believe this would provide another area to evaluate our community and identify individuals that could aid GRAPE on a deeper level.
There is potential to utilize this bot in other areas of GRAPE for community purposes.


I’m quite biased here but I’m keen for this Bounty to progress to best enable a method to reward the comminity in an inclusive manner for sharing alpha and value on discord.


Like the idea. You missed the info about compensation in your proposal.

Excerpt from Bounty Template:
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Complete): 150,000 $GRAPE

Maybe something around 50k GRAPE would be appropriate for this task.

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To DyNites credit I think this bounty was posted somewhat simultaneously to when the template was posted.

In terms of a Max Reward 50k Grape = 667 USD seems low to me.

For context on this the bounty and preceeding proposal that led to it the idea was modeled on an existing discord bot used by an NFT Project called the Cubist Collective. I had some messages back and forth with one of their team on their bot which they’d described as bespoke private and something that wasn’t easy to make. So off this interaction and from looking around the impression i had was:

  1. That there wasn’t an off the shelf solution to this
  2. That it could may demand a chunky reward to make it happen

I’d request advice from @kirk as to what he/ the devs might deem as appropriate reward for such a piece of work.