Creating value for GRAPE from partner projects (GRAPE gate) - Proposal

Taking the discussion from last the last thread forward, I believe we have below possible approaches at our disposal:

Possible approaches:

  • Approach 1 - Grape membership benefits only: use the latest infographic and share a link to Grape server with call to action on the lines of ‘head over to Grape server if you have any questions’. We monitor the number of people who join from the click, reactions to infographic etc.

  • Approach 2 - Ad channel/Sponsored content channel: Since this requires a willing client to pay for ads, we could run dummy ads to test. This one is tricky because we are looking to gauge 1. Interest from projects to pay for this ad space 2. Reception from target server on ad supported model

  • Approach 3 - Important alpha from Grape: For a start, get content creators to propose which video/article needs to be pushed to partner servers, create trackable links and monitor clicks on that (we can also compare traffic before and after the initiative to check if our effort is creating any impact)

  • Approach 4 - Park/drop the idea, adding a close thread option.

  • Approach 5: Run 2-week pilots with the first three approaches in 15 servers (5 for each approach). Give out a clear ‘call to action’ that can be measured (clickable links to Youtube, server invite link etc.) - important to have clarity in what we want to measure. Pick servers with relatively similar member counts for the results to be unbiased.

You can vote below:

  • Approach 1
  • Approach 2
  • Approach 3
  • Approach 4
  • Approach 5

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In any case wanted to take this thread forward. Comments welcome.


Havent voted yet – but i really like the idea of link tracking to see the success of this initiative


Hey Butter, great idea to push this. I’d start with the 1st approach since this is something that we’d do anyway, right? Promoting our membership I mean. Tracking would make sense either way and is a good start to get in the habit of measuring our efforts so that with time we could give a rough guesstimation of ideas before implementing them.

Also, it would totally make sense to try more than one approach but not all at once. Each one deserves to be properly fleshed out, and more importantly, a proper preparation.


Approach 1: would agree with this. Seems the easiest to prepare and execute for now.

  1. I personally never utilize these types of channels…unless proven to be extremely helpful.

3 and 5 would require a decent amount of planning.

  1. If I am understanding correctly, the same issue with number 2…not saying it won’t/cant succeed. Just my approach to these types of things.
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I would add another Approach:
Use the “Grape gate” in the form not of a gated channel, but an announcement channel, open to verified members of said partner server.
In there, we will be pushing some (not all) ‘everyone’ announcements from our own announcements channel. The concept behind this is to showcase events happening in Grape and create a type of FOMO on what you get/are part of when being a Grape holder.
I would go as far as to ‘kindly require’ all servers we setup to add this channel as a prerequisite. I understand this might rub some partners off the wrong way, but we are providing our tools for free after all and an extra announcement channel (which every user individually can always mute) is not asking much in my humble opinion.

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I’m all for it. If we do something like this though, we should prepare a pitch and pick our first candidate carefully. It’ll get easier, once we have a partner server as a showcase.


I agree with this. Curated alpha only for verified makes sense as well.


I like the first option, but I’m partial to the third. It provides value in an ecosystem where everyone is using crypto and defi anyway. Receiving bleeding edge, actionable alpha could intrigue a fair amount of people. I am not a big fan of the second approach. I admit I don’t have a good reason for such disdain, but advertising on Grape Discord (am I understanding this right?) just doesn’t “feel” appropriate. I am all for measuring the effectiveness of any particular approach. That’s always a good idea.


Off the bat, I think approach 3 is worth a shot.

I think one of the most compelling reasons to buy Grape and join the community at the moment is the alpha we receive from our partners. The only problem is that there is so much going on that it’s difficult to keep track of the opportunities and potential rewards, especially when it is formatted the way discord does it’s chat.

So I believe one solution could be to package the alpha content as actionable incentives, and gate the alpha so that only certain roles can access that alpha. Last month I bought a domain ‘’, where I would like to cater the alpha content we have in Grape as actionable incentives and have people connect their wallets in order to access the incentives.

Happy to show you what I have made so far so we can try another approach.


I believe there is a vote for approach 1. How do we proceed on this? Guess it could be on Sunday DAO call agenda. @DeanMachine

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