Growing governance power for treasury growth

This was discussed previously here: NFT Council thoughts on structure and allocations

The NFT Council would like to propose a new way of thinking of Grape allocation to members as recognition of effort and contrubution in growing our DAO

The proposal is to reward 15% of a Treasury deposit as Grape

Example: Current Exchange rate is 1 SOL = 4050 GRAPE

The NFT Council would send 10 SOL to the Grape Treasury and receive 6,075 GRAPE

This is a model we can use for all revenue generating activities in GRAPE. Eventually, we could use this as a base for how to measure activities focused on membership growth.

  • Yes – this is a good way to reward contributions
  • Yes – but the percentage is wrong (propose one in the comments)
  • No – there must be a better way to acknowledge these contributions

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Love the idea! Voted for the second option because I think the percentage should be higher than 15%. What you are describing is basically passive income for the DAO, so the entities that make that happen should receive more voting power. And as a counterpoint the treasury should focus on buying more Grape off the market.

But I’d love to learn why you went for 15%


I went with 15% here because the assets are being managed. Its a much easier job than say, you making a video where you are generating that value

So here – the team is receiving 15% of that value in governance power – which I think is a good tradeoff for an asset management role

For other work where the value is created more from the provider (again ie you as a videographer), id do the inverse as a base – 85% of the revenue generated to you and 15% held by the treasury. Im just throwing numbers here and super hypotheticals, but its roughly how i see the difference.

This gets complicated, but from a game theory perspective, it would make sense to offer higher revenue splits in exchange for locked grape.

We are very far from this, both from execution and from mentality, but its these discussions that slowly get us there!


Since we are already very far from this, let’s take it a bit further:

A revenue generating entity has in this instance two options:

  1. Deposit revenue to the DAO treasury & receive Grape
  2. Manage revenue within the entity & buy Grape off the market

The second option seems to make more sense at first glance, because it will be much easier for the entity to identify & reward contributions + get more Grape for their money.

The first option makes sense if the DAO is willing to provide funds, services & infrastructure in general for an entity to become revenue or value generating.

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I think this makes sense for the NFT Council, effectively earning a commission on the Grape NFT assets they’re managing.


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