[PROPOSAL] ATHENS DAO: Grape Sponsorship Budget & Allocation

1. Proposal Purpose:

A. Approve & Allocate USDC to DAO members who want to participate and join the ATHENS DAO starting December 9th, 2023 in Athens, Greece.

B. Outline the use-cases of the funds requested herein.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

Approval, Budget & Allocate up to 15,000 USDC for use to allocate for:

A. Sponsorship ATHENS DAO at a minimum of 7,500 USDC
B. Budget costs for support to DAO Members to assist subsidize costs for Travel/Accommodations

3. Stakeholders

DAO Members who seek to join & participate in Athens DAO.

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

Total Sponsorship Max: 15,000 USDC
Total Available Today: 5,400 USDC Squads Grape DAO: Agility v2
Proposal Amount Requested: 10,000 USDC sent to Squads Grape DAO: Agility v2

USDC REALMS Source: B7bKkCv9wt2ps1ZSC5w3u2V98bKtH8JaersqAcBWb1kn / GwW1LcJeUsHADSU1FkrVAAH9i8fxtWgj2eSnjaL2yEtR


SQUADS Destination: 2JCmvyThwpGUhwhbzqGe5qSC5ey5koPESMfJDEQVxy24


I support the initiative of bringing exposure to what Grape is building and supporting initiatives that will bring awareness of DAOs on Solana and DAO Tooling for the ecosystem and beyond.

From the sponsorship tiers I believe the 7.5k tier makes most sense as we should secure a convenient slot for the event. With an opportunity for members of our DAO who wish to travel to the event be able to do so. Furthermore this will allow the remaining amount allocated for further initiatives for marketing and awareness for this quarter.

We do need clarity on:

  1. Who else will/is a sponsor for this event
  2. Who are the other speakers for the event
  3. Where the venue will be
  4. And finally how the Grape branding be reflected on the “merch” and banners with mockups

The DAO onboarding could be a opportunity to get new members to the DAO who are new to Solana, more details on what is needed to support this initiative would be helpful to make the experience smooth for everyone.

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I have requested clarification for the above in order for the DAO to make an informed decision on helping with this event

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Just received a reply regarding the clarification requested about the event:

  • The hosts are estimating around 250-300 people
  • Location has been provided
  • We are expecting more details on sponsors & speakers (this should be provided soon)
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Request for Information:

  1. Will GRAPE have a speaker at the event?
  2. What are the expected benefits (for GRAPE) of sponsoring this event?
  3. Besides “merchandise” and branding, can GRAPE freely use the content created in this event for marketing purposes?
  4. How many GRAPE-DAO members have expressed interest in attending the event?
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  1. I requested to be a speaker at the event (28th of October)
    It was communicated on the ATHENS DAO Telegram Group on November 6th to reach out to one of the organizers for the speakers slots
    I received a reply on November 10th from the organizer that sponsors are their priority and they will circle back after they lock the sponsors

  2. The expected benefits is to have Grape be a speaker and showcase the Grape DAO, the tools that are built and bring awareness & education to the ecosystem to potentially onboard new people to Grape

  3. I believe so as any Solana Event, but we do need clarification regarding how the content can be used

  4. At the moment 3-4 members have expressed interest but we will have clarity soon

With this said, and given that there is already a proposal on chain, if we do not receive a confirmation of a speaker slot for Grape by this upcoming Sunday along with who the other sponsors are (with tiers) although the funds may be earmarked for this event they will remain in the Agility Fund until this clarity has been provided


Thank you for the information.

Thus, this proposal is to reserve the funds for the event since it’s conditional on whether GGG receives confirmation on the speaker’s slot and the event’s sponsor list. The proposal doesn’t mention this fact.

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Thank you for asking these questions, and you are right, for any sponsorship towards an event it is important to know who the other sponsors are and what they are paying

We do want to act quick if we get these answers so this would reserve the funds (earmarked) for the event, until further notice. As a DAO it is important to make an informed decision with all the facts available.


Thank you @bohemian1 - You’re are correct. This proposal was aimed at preparing and simplifying the details following the DAO conversation to verify whether the DAO approved to support the initiative, where the options listed were derived from the prior DAO Call & actions taken by Grape members to coordinate.

Full Disclosure: I was only doing my DAO duty to get this in front of the DAO, even if I am not attending and was limited on time to write it up. The points you raise are important to consider for future improvements, for myself and any DAO members that write Proposals :handshake:

Grape Retrospective on 5 Phases this went through:

  1. Grape members had contacted AthensDAO organizers for details and received information sufficient for DAO review, then a DAO Call discussion raised the question.
  2. DAO Call Discussion & Question: Does Grape DAO support Grape participating as a sponsor at AthensDAO event in December & what level is appropriate?
  3. Per DAO discussions, I derived 5 options (A,B,C,D,E):
    (A) $2.5K = sponsor Event Only
    (B) $7.5K = sponsor Event Only
    (C) $15K = sponsor Event Only
    (D) Grape-style $15K = sponsor Event $7.5K + sponsor Grape Members $7.5K
    (E) Disapprove
  4. Following DAO call discussions, this Proposal (I) chose to focus on Option (B) & (D), as Options A, C, & E seemed to lack support and inadequate to enable the objective.
  5. On-Chain Proposal was made upon receipt of confirmation from AthensDAO organizers and discussion confirmed the same on a Grape DAO Call.

IMHO: Athens DAO appears to be the main DAO event (at least focused on Solana & Solana DAOs), and Grape led the first one in 2022. I assumed Grape & Solana DAO’s would benefit if Grape was there, as there are some really great people at this event.

NOTE: The final on-chain Proposal was not made until Grape members verified confirmations that AthensDAO organizers would confirm Grape’s request to be a sponsor, which needed clarity as to what level, thus this initial write up :slight_smile:


Received confirmation on slot for Grape (Sunday at around 13:30 with 3-4 speakers) and sponsors from organizers (organizers will announce them in the upcoming days), we can proceed as they have provided sufficient information confirming what was requested.

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