[Proposal] Co-organize and sponsor reputation workshop at Breakpoint

1. Proposal Purpose:

Lighthouse and Civic have decided to team up to run a DAO Reputation and Membership Workshop at Breakpoint this year, and we’d like our favorite DAO to join us!

Link to signup: Breakpoint 2022: Reputation and Membership Workshop for Solana Communities Tickets, Sun, Nov 6, 2022 at 2:00 PM | Eventbrite

This workshop is heavily based on the work we’ve been doing on reputation for nearly 6 months. Needless to say, it’s been a fascinating journey so far!

As we’ve built reputation, my team and I have been designing this workshop so other DAOs can do the same exercises as Grape in order to build their own reputation systems.

For this reason, I would like to ask Grape to sponsor the event by contributing $2K and for Grape members to help facilitate this workshop, which would be the first of its kind for Solana.

Grape will be present on the branding and have the opportunity to distribute swag, have a presence at the event, speak, etc.

By way of background, and because it may be relevant, I’ve been a UX designer for nearly 15 years and have spent a good chunk of that time running design and product workshops for small teams and large companies alike. I’m comfortable with creating and running these types of events.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

  • Become an official organizer and sponsor of the Reputation and Membership Workshop at Breakpoint with a $2000 contribution to the event budget.
  • The event is already being organized by Lighthouse and Civic. The event details are here:
  • Date: November 6, 2022
  • Time: 2pm to 5pm UTC
  • How Grape can participate:
    • Presented in the marketing and branding of the event
    • Put up a stand or space at the workshop
    • Help source volunteer facilitators to assist other DAO teams during the workshop
    • Select a member to participate in the panel discussion
    • Mingle with communities who will all building reputation and membership like us
    • Distribute swag or whatever else the community wants

3. Stakeholders

Grape members in Lisbon during Solana Breakpoint

Anyone who has participated in the reputation workshops

Anyone who has contributed to the discussion around reputation

Grape members who have been thinking about membership criteria/credentials

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

A sponsorship of at least $2000 USDC to cover costs for the event:

  • Event space: 1500€ + VAT
  • Catering: 2400€ + VAT
  • Workshop materials: ~500€ + VAT
  • Total expected cost: ~4400€ + VAT = ~5000€

Current division of expenses:

  • Civic: $2000
  • Lighthouse: $3000

Surplus funds will go towards developing educational content around reputation and membership related to the workshop or running workshops at other events (e.g. Hacker Houses). We are also looking for additional sponsors: big NFT and Defi projects ideally.


I’m intrigued to hear this.

While I don’t think it’s the best of times to do it - since we don’t have anything tangible to show, yet - I like the general idea. My immediate answer would be that it depends on what we actually can make out of the points you’re mentioning:

I’d love to hear a little bit more about this in our upcoming DAO Call.

50% budget for catering though, what are you planning to serve? :sweat_smile:


I’d be happy to tell more on the next DAO call! The catering is expensive there. They told me 20€ per person so I estimated for max capacity, 120 people.


For dinner 20€ per person seems okish but if it’s only coffee (drinks) and snacks it sounds like you are getting ripped off :grin:

It’s just a quote for now. It would include coffee, refreshments and finger food during the course of 4.5 hours.
Personally, I’ve always seen catering as more expensive than dining out.
There is a convenience factor as well. The event space is providing this service which would otherwise take much more time to plan.
Given these factors, I don’t think this is unreasonable, but if anyone has a benchmark or
knowledge about catering in Lisbon I’d love to get thoughts.


I really like the idea and I am thrilled that I will be participating.

I 100% support sponsoring the event and i am happy to help in any possible way (public speaking, panel discussions, assisting other DAOs etc)

Count me in, i am super excited!

Ill be in Lisbon 1 - 7 of November

Thank you <3


Totally in support of this & very excited for Grape to be part of this event!

Will be happy to help in any capacity, during the days in am in Lisbon (4-8 Nov)


Guys it’s really cool this! The prices depends on the quality of the service and 20€ could be also cheap, probably finger food.
Anyway I would be happy to help during this event if possible.

I will come to the breakpoint with my 2 teammate (devs) and it would be cool if they could join too.

Date: From 3 to 8 Nov.

Hope to join the HH… still pending the confirmation, i’m in the WL.


Absolutely love this if we have enough Grape volunteers (which it looks like we will)
I will be licking fingers from far for whatever food we arrange.


Just came across this official Solana calendar for side events. Might be a good idea to add this one on the list

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Thanks Avid. You’re totally on top of how to get the word out. We just finished the agenda and the basic outline so I’m going to post to all of the links you mentioned here and on Twitter. It’s so great that you all are excited to be part of this! I can’t wait!