Grape Workshop Format Brainstorming

Next week, we will be hosting a Grape workshop with ImpactHub, a global co-working network where we have an office in Athens.

The event is free – no one will pay to join and we dont pay to present

The goal is to

1: Begin creating a format to host IRL workshops for introducing Grape and DAOs
2: Onboard other ImpactHub companies into Grape and Web3
3: Explore a partnership with ImpactHub to host across their global network

You can find the ImpactHub posting here with the schedule

This discussion is for other Grape members to share what they think would be valuable in sharing/presenting, particularly:

The value proposition of Grape
Potential applications for ImpactHub communities
Call To Action/ Next steps to guide them into joining grape (ie we could raffle off 33,333 Grape to people that make a wallet during the presentation)

Below you can also see the workshop documents we used during the Reputation workshop in Lisbon. I’m considering tweaking these for an exercise in “DAO Thinking”

The event is happening on the 24th – for execution sake – we can incorporate any comments/feedback that are shared here before Nov 21st


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