PROPOSAL: Create a VBA game franchise for GRAPE and gamify the experience

Overview: Grape will aquire player assets of the game VBAGame: which is a virtual Basketball management game.
Once we aquire the assets we will distribute the Players evenly among ‘managers’ at Grape.
These managers can ‘stake’ some Grape every week into a combined pot which they get to ‘win’ based on the performance of their team.
This give GRAPE an entry into building a franchise with multiple players as the game begins to take off.

How much is the investment: I would think around 50 SOL would be enough for us to aquire players which can be part of 5-6 teams. ( Hoping we will find at least that many managers will to play).

Safety: The way VBAgame works makes it really easy for the Gaming Council to hold assets in wallets that it owns and just pass around the username/password of the account to ‘managers’ to setup lineups. User login CANNOT move player NFTs in and out of wallets. The logins are perfect

Initial Player distribution: To keep it simple, the ‘managers’ will be assigned a pick number on random and will select players from our pool in a round robin distribution.

Extra Info: Gaming Council is in the process of deciding on a mechanism for distributing gaming reputation points. Participating in these games will earn ‘reputation points’ for managers. The exact nature of it is being discussed.
Extra Extra Info: Gaming Council will try to work closely with the NFT Council in determining the purchase of these assets setting off the first such cross sub-DAO initiative.
Extra Extra Extra Info: This is also the first known DAO attempt to acquire NFT assets to form a franchise in a game in my best knowledge, so it’s just cool.

Finance Stuff:
Will this be a good investment? - From a Gaming perspective, this has huge potential. The Gaming Council has been playing the game since the first week and we are very impressed by the team. They are iterating quickly and has been listening to feedback from the community and is razor focused on a great product.
A question we ask ourselves, would people play this game without the incentives of just financial gain and this game ticks that box.

More details on the Weekly Tournament Structure will be announced once we have a sense of how many participants we will have.

To Guage an interest please post a reply to this post.


Personally, I think VBA has immense potential even if is not monetary now. What I can imagine big tournaments sponsored by them for teams to participate and take a slice of their investment back after ‘x’ tournaments or games well I dunno.

But yeah, I myself would love to help whoever is managing Grape VBA team in any way. So shooting a DM or just pinging on what I need to do for helping is fine with me.

I hope we take this road as the Grape Gaming Council gets more notorious and fame by being able to participate in web3 games around Solana.

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I’m a VBA fan, I have my own team. From an investment perspective I see it as a risk, with low-ish cost and good potential upside. The project has a very dedicated and engaged discord user base, with a decent road map that I could see the project build off.

I’d be keen to participate in a grape VBA tourney if we can make it happen.


yeah, this is a relatively small investment for a huge upside. Downsides are also not particularly too low as there will always be a group of NBA fans to pick up our assets if we were not capable of managing them in the future. I am assuming franchises owning players that then staking (think register IRL) those players for various tournaments for varying prize pools is going to be the way this genre of games in crypto is going to evolve.

The gaming council is currently running a team with a pack that we bought + some of my own purchases that I have lent to the Gaming Council. It was great for us to get involved and understand and study the game and community. However, without the player pool of a franchise, I do not think we will be able to make it to the big leagues.

Currently most franchise owners are individual investors. The proposal above is it embark on a journey to create the blueprint of how such franchises will be owned and operated by a DAOs in the future. As we work on this, we will probably discover tooling needs for this Franchise DAOs which fold nicely into our DAO tooling push.

Although the game doesn’t support multi-sig wallet, they have it on their roadmap. So, they too recognize the potential of DAOs trying to own franchises in the future.

All in all, from just a pure finance perspective.

  1. Potential for great appreciation in assets.
  2. Potential for constant revenue stream (that we so desire)
  3. Grape Exposure/ Branding/Marketing

The most direct thing to proceed with this is:

  • Buy out the Gaming Council VBA team for ‘x’ price?
  • Start from fresh with ‘x’ budget?

And from the 2 questions above we could build a proposal on-chain.

Just realized I did not include how the game works. duh me!

So its very simple really at the moment. You make a squad of 5 players. You lock in your squad an hour before the game stars. There are two games daily.
During the game, the game engine simulates the game matching your players with that of the opponents. You can see Grape Gaming’s game from tonight here: VBA (]
The game engine is quite good already with just a few weeks in has been available.
For game allows you to set a player in each of the following positions PG, SG, SF, PF and C.
The players are NFTs which were drawn from packs which minted at back in March. Each player has an archetype and positions that they can play in. Player rarities range from underdog to legendary.
The players rarity + positions + archetype produce invisible unknown player rating which are then used my the match engine.

The game currently has four leagues. Placement, Recreational, Intermediate and Competitive. As you play and win games you advance in the leagues. Being in better leagues gives you more rewards in the form of DIMES. These DIMES are currently entered in a pool for weakly SOL winnings. This is season 0, so the winnings are 100 SOL per week. The prizes and distribution structure for the launch season 0 hasn’t been announced yet.

Hope this helps.

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Update on this here to keep everyone informed.

One of the directions we were exploring at this moment was to set up a franchise system where the NFT Council will make purchases while the Gaming Council will manage the use of these assets in the game.
NFT Council met on 4th August and the felt that they did not have the knowledge necessary to take a decision on the proposal.

I have shared more information about the game to the NFT council and will now add that here too:
Discord: Virtual Basketball Association (VBA)
Medium: VBA – Medium

You can also follow me on twitter @godsloveDao where I regularly retweet announcements from the game on behalf of the gaming council.

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