[Proposal] Buy new domain for Grape DAO

1. Proposal Purpose:

Currently the main domain of Grape is https://grapes.network/
although our coin is called Grape.
And our Discord is called “Grape Protocol | grapes.network”, which already shows the possible confusion of grape.network and grapes.network. While grape.network exists it is currently an empty page. This proposal aims at resolving said confusion.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

The proposal is to get in contact with the owners of the domain grape.io and possibly acquire it and use it for our project. According to google these are the website’s owners.

3. Stakeholders

Grape DAO, Development subDAO

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

Unknown at this time. Depends on the owners of grape.io


couldn’t we also re route it to a separate domain that we buy and use

grape. (io)

(or some variation like this)


Yes, sir!
The main goal of this proposal is to grab the available grape domains and re route them all to our project. One grape to rule them all :innocent:


Ah yes, I’ve been chewing some peoples ears off for quite some time now about this. A clean and simple domain is always powerful and yes “grapes” adds confusion. I’m all for this, especially grape.io, but there are some things to consider first.

A new “master” domain means that we have to communicate it, raise awareness about it & update it in lots of places. If we are going to go through this trouble, we should also start the discussion of bringing all 3 Grape Products under one roof with really good UI. This way, by putting forth the awareness campaign, people will also have to see & use the new grape dashboard, which is functionally almost there, but lacks in UX and appearance imho.

If we update the domain, without caring about UI/UX, it will be a missed opportunity of onboarding new users to the ecosystem.

Off course this should not stop this proposal from going forth & the DAO buying all the grape domains it can get. Especially grape.io is an excellent domain & the company behind seems to be insolvent. Fully support this, but we should communicate a change to the public, after we have a slick, app-ish interface.


I agree with what @Jahris said which we should focus first on fixing if not building a new UI/UX that brings to the new users and old users what Grape is about.

If we can fulfill that requirement then we can proceed with a new domain like grape.io or something similar.


we should focus first on fixing if not building a new UI/UX that brings to the new users and old users what Grape is about.

I’m curious, what do you think Grape is about?

Just googled “grape” for giggles and the first result was Wikipedia and the second one was grape.io
So logically I want to edit this proposal to the following:

buy grape.io and use it as the main page of our project.


Some domains and prices bellow
Grape.xyz $29,488
Gra.pe $10,000

grapedao.org has secured by @Arximedis

Feel free to try to broker grape.network or grape.io or any other domain which might be easier.


As we already have it, I can get behind using grapedao.org for convenience/time to action and cost-efficiency purposes.

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searching for ‘grape solana’ OR ’ grape dao’ already lists our webpage as the top hit. Trying to be the top result for grape would be very competitive. Also, I do think people search protocol/ product names in context more than by itself.
The terms we do not get enough hits on are ‘solana verification’ or ‘discord verification’ or ‘social verification’.
If we are going to go down this path, can we investigate/spend on trying to SEO on the on grape specific keywords that we might want to draw audiences on?

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while I like what is trying to be accomplished here. IDK if I am keen on spending anywhere near the vicinity of 10-30k for a vanity address. People will find GRAPE that want to find grape. Perhaps it would be better to focus of “Search Engine Optimization” and utilize what we have now.

How many people that are looking for grape on Solana are not going to type of “Solana Grape” (or any variation like that) and not find us. Feel me?


TLDR: grapedao.org offers maximum benefit with minimal cost

Thank you, everyone, that contributed to the discussion here. It has helped me to see the associated costs with the proposal and to think things through.
With the recent developments of the Grape Team taking a step back and giving even more (all?) control to the DAO, I think we have an even bigger opportunity to do a revamp/rebrand of our website and public presence.

For me, that’s a move from “Grape Protocol | grapes.network” to “Grape DAO” and grapedao.org
We can make it a big grape relaunch with a new formal concept of subDAOs and SBT (if we figure that out kek).

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Love the focus @riderinred. I contacted the owner of grape.network months ago to try and purchase the domain off them on behalf of Grape, with my own funds. The individual refused to sell it under $5,000 - which is absurd - because I offered up to $1,000.

Domains I secured for Grape to have, as well, and would transfer to Grape control / devs if needed.

Domains Procured:


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