[Proposal] Raising Awareness Around On-Chain Proposals

1. Proposal Purpose:

  • It’s no secret that on-chain proposals are the backbone of any DAO. The Grape DAO, even though it has immense activity on Realms, it definitely lacks the ability to inform community members about new proposals. Raising more awareness around our proposals & how every Grape holder can voice their opinion on-chain, would be an additional step towards decentralization & onboarding of new members.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

  • The proposed procedures can & would be executed by me:
  1. Introduce & manage dedicated Twitter account for proposals. Already secured @votegrape
  2. Create animation video with the title of each proposal for maximum engagement.
  3. Create Discord Event with dedicated banner for each proposal
  4. Post each proposal in #announcements or #realms-voting
  5. Inform managers of @grapeprotocol & @eventsgrape for potential retweets
  6. Educate frequently under posts about Realms utilities such as Notifications & Multi-Vote mode

3. Stakeholders

  • Grape DAO
  • Grape Content SubDAO

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

  • Initial Setup: 10.000 $GRAPE
  • Cost per Proposal: 2.000 $GRAPE
  • Discord Permissions will be needed

The 10.000 $GRAPE for the initial setup will be handed to the Content SubDAO Treasury in full.

For simplicity’s sake this could fall under the DAO Core umbrella.


I think I can take responsibility for creating discord events for proposals


Easiest way without having too much trouble is getting on @votegrape automated messages from realms about these proposals being live, maybe something for the developer subDAO to look into it.

As regard for discord awareness, then yes creating those events or announcing it could be an extra responsibility for a Moderator or a resposability for a DAO member which would turn out to be a DAO Core.

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I appreciate your input, but you are both missing the point here.

@Avidlearner Creating a discord event with a title & a date is not difficult. Creating a dedicated banner & a nice description with links to further information, that’s where the difference starts to show.

@legend the easiest way is not always the best. Twitter is full of bots, no one is going to interact with an account that just posts some realms links every so often. Realms links don’t even generate a thumbnail yet.

The key point here is “raising awareness”, meaning letting people know & getting people excited about what’s going on in our community. Now that we are in a bear market we have to work twice as hard to even maintain the community as is, let alone grow it. Voting on proposals right now is probably the single easiest most engaging part for a community member. But to keep the community members here & bring in new ones, there has to be the human factor behind it. There needs to be content people want to engage with, interact with & share with others.

@votegrape wouldn’t be just an announcement channel in this case. It would provide tldr info on each proposal, share the discourse discussions, answer questions & even announce incentives for people to go vote, like we did with the NFTs recently. @votegrape would be an educational channel disguised as an announcement channel.

TL;DR a successful DAO needs DAO content. I can provide that.

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One of my idea was for the @votegrape to send automated messages and from the official @grape twitter account to quote retweet them.

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Yes if someone has notifications open he will surely see it. We can start with that for sure!

ALso i liked what @Jahris said about the videos but to reduce cost someone could just make a 1 minute video to say what’s the proposal about and what the effects will be. Not animated or anything

Your boy alexperts :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, Twitter notifications are right now “easier” for someone to turn on than let’s say Dialect notifications.

Regarding the video, I would create a master template (that will look something like this ) & just replace the text each time with the title of the proposal. Just to catch the eye of the scoller. And in the tweets text I would give a TL:DR of what that proposal is about, along with the link of course.

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