[Discussion] Sales Emission

Sharing our services document here – the idea behind a Sales emission would be that each member can also help bring sales to the GRAPE Services and be more involved

Proof of sales can be powered by our contribute page – the TX would include a memo of who the sales referrer is.

Id propose something in the range of 2-8% to start


do you mean like deploying our community as a salespeople, then giving them a cut if they bring someone in for one of these services?

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i mean a way to credit people who are putting in effort to bring attention to the services we provide as a community. currently if its happening, there is no on-chain record

im personally more focused on the process of putting this kind of interaction on-chain. if we dont want to support these interactions, understanding that will also be useful. i currently believe that this will occur in DAOs but could be massively wrong!

as an activity, i think it would be helpful and creates a new avenue of involvement that many might enjoy


at any level, this is a new metric that could be very useful in the assessment of a community member/group.

Would need to identify which members (barndog, AMAs mods) that could start utilizing this memo in txs until it becomes more mainstream. Could also be used down the line as examples of what this tool can offer for projects/communities in need of tracking information or possible use cases we havent even thought of yet.

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Class-based comission, numbers proposed by Dim and Arximedis

So that it is line with our class model.



Realms Proposal:
The addition of a sales emission policy to GRAPE services document attached below that would allow members of the community to earn between 3-9% for services brought into the ecosystem.

Class C: 3%
Class B: 6%
Class A: 9%

-Commission would be granted upon full completion of services.
-To keep track of these transactions, we will utilize the contribution page.

Step Involved:

  1. Showing community the GRAPE services design
  2. Communicating new policy to the community
  3. Illustrate the ‘Contribution Page’ and how to use it.

Grape Dashboard

If approved,
-the proposal will then deemed absolute and accepted by the community and steps to enact this proposal will commence immediately

If denied,
-i.e. also not meeting quorum within 7 days
-Feedback will then be accepted to strengthen community confidence.
-An adjusted proposal will be put forth to vote on.

Discussion of this proposal:
[Discussion] Sales Emission


Grape Services: Stylised Document