Dev subDAO: MessagesFunctionality/Partnering solution Dialect

Type: Developer DAO
Title: Integration with Dialect
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Create): 20,000 Grape
Max Reward (Complete): 2,500 USDC
Date Created: 04/20/2022
Date Complete: 06/01/2022
Language: Typescript

Submission Instructions:

contribution to Grape GitHub repo Grape Labs · GitHub in specific GitHub - Grape-Labs/grape-art: Grape Art | Social. Stateless. Marketplace. powered by Solana

Integration with Dialect Messaging API, for wallet to wallet messaging on the Solana Blockchain:

  • Send direct messages to wallets
  • Send offers direct as a message to wallets

Integration with Dialect Protocol - final testing should be conducted on mainnet

  1. Get Dialect on behalf of 1st user
  2. Get Dialect on behalf of 2nd user
  3. Show Inbox and Messages/Messaging
  4. Show notifications for new messages

Acceptance Criteria:
Quality is based on & Exceptional quality generally means:
Compilable/Runnable Code which will not break any existing dependencies and integrations on the existing repo, libraries may be updated and build can be updated as long as all existing functionality is compilable


Dialect has been successfully integrated for messaging in the header of repos have been updated to include this integration

Create Grape votes to be sent to:

Completion bounty can be sent to the devSub DAO address for development use HfG8kPRFNghXMvNQGhWXB44KdxM925ryGZBMpDkTsq7w


Before we can proceed with payment the Bounty still needs to formally go through the acceptance stage of Bounty Process 1.
This is planned to happen on Tuesdays 1 hour before the DAO Call in a special Bounty Call on the Grape Discord. It would be nice if someone from the Developer subDAO could join so we can quickly clear up any upcoming questions.

Bounty moved to “Legacy Bounties (need to be accepted) with submission” on Bounty Kanban.

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Thank you, no rush at all on my end, its best we have a good process of this in the long run. I will be happy to address any questions and assist in the process where needed.

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Decision during the Bounty Call today:
Creation Reward: set to 0 as the Bounty was not accepted.
Completion Reward: to be paid out in full (2.5k USDC).

Submission accepted, Bounty waiting for payout.

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Payout executed

tx id: Solscan