Dev subDAO: Migrate to the latest Metaplex AuctionHouse program libraries

Type: Developer DAO
Title: Migrate from the source files to the nom repo from metaplex for the latest Auction House
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Create): 20,000 Grape
Max Reward (Complete): 5,000 USDC
Date Created: 04/20/2022
Date Complete: 06/01/2022
Language: Typescript

Submission Instructions:

contribution to Grape GitHub repo Grape Labs · GitHub in specific GitHub - Grape-Labs/grape-art: Grape Art | Social. Stateless. Marketplace. powered by Solana

This is the migration of source builds used on to use the latest repo libraries available by metaplex for using the auction house

This should be a complete build and migration to the latest npm libraries exposed in the mpl-auction-house contract package
functionality should include all functions currently in the folder auction-house in the repo, a boilerplate sample was made with the makeOffer function using the new libraries

yarn install
yarn run build
yarn start

Acceptance Criteria:
Quality is based on & Exceptional quality generally means:
Compilable/Runnable Code which will not break any existing dependencies and integrations on the existing repo, libraries may be updated and build can be updated as long as all existing functionality is compilable


This is a considerable reworking of the current auction house functions in grape-art and has been completed for:

  • Making Offers
  • Accepting Offers
  • Make Listing

The above will enable saving receipts and states using the latest packages pushed by metaplex.

The above is only live for creating a new listing which uses the latest repos
Limitations: tx instructions exceed limit for Accepting an offer so this will need to be optimized in order to proceed with rolling out (make offer and cancel although functional will need to have a accept offer with small tx instruction size or a different workaround)

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Appreciate the update. So to be clear, the work is ongoing and not finished, right?

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Yes that is correct still work in progress the updates and implementation is being pushed to the repos.


This has been officially migrated over with a lot of rewriting at source reference, this is not only an upgrade to the latest libraries from Metaplex but supporting a new standard of keeping the NFT states which is more efficient and will be rolled out for multiple auction houses

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@kirk can you please join the Bounty Call next week so we can handle payment on this Bounty?
Would appreciate some ELI5 :slight_smile:

This bounty has been completed.
Funds can be sent to: jQf63xGMcAwDuJ5qFXGhFpFP5UDGoUvQQbTq4QiKKrR


Payment executed: