GRAPE Services-Rough Draft

1. What is GRAPE?

GRAPE is a decentralized social networking protocol that creates, rewards, and helps secure any online community by harnessing the power of Solana. GRAPE is Web3. It provides a solution for social networking that allows people to no longer be the product. Its tools and support are constantly being implemented on projects across the Solana blockchain. In doing so GRAPE seeks to strengthen and help develop the Solana ecosystem to be better.

2. What is the focus of GRAPE services?

The goal of GRAPE services is to offer professional services to projects in the Solana space such as community moderation, event hosting, content creation, and design to name a few. These services will be offered to GRAPE partners and those in the GRAPE ecosystem and shall be done by the talented work force in GRAPE that includes Moderators, Researchers, Community Creators, Developers, Designers, Videographers.

3. Ideal Projects that stand to benefit from GRAPE services:

These services are highly customizable and therefore useful for any project, whether young or mature. GRAPE acknowledges that running a project is not without its own set of challenges. As a project there is a plethora of demands such as security and privacy, governance, culture, cost and efficiency and organization. If a project can overcome these challenges and better focus on your primary objective, GRAPE services can ultimately become a success factor and competitive advantage. These challenges discussed briefly, conclude with a list of actionable packages that will the utilize the GRAPE community in a project-driven environment and a demanding space.

Most popular packages (although not limited to and separately customizable)

List of Individual Services:

Refusal and Selection:
GRAPE reserves the right to deny services to projects during the initial phase. Refunds/Complaints Through every step of the way, we will be giving updates on the progress of your service(s). Fore creative content, we offer a full refund within 2 weeks of the services.
Any complaints can be filed here: (DISCORD CHANNEL? GOOGLE FORM?)


  1. Testimonials? What projects can we reach out to for a quick 2 sentence testimonial or a list of top/legit projects we have worked with/help set up.`

  2. Case Study Write-up on what has been done by GRAPE/impact Better differentiation on what products will still be free and what is now being offered. List at the start of the paper so no confusion then proceed to list what else is being offered. This would be more of a formatting issue.`


This is a document I had written up as a brainstorming exercise trying to outline clearly the potential services we could offer while at the same time illustrate that all the value-add would be coming from our subDAOs and current community structure.

So disregard specifics for this particular project I was looking at and focus on the one-pager structure.

IMO goal is to keep it customisable and packages to be created based on the needs of each respective project.

We should treat the fact that we can go super broad in terms of services as an advantage here.

Final note: gaming council to be added for WP, feedback, community support etc.


Looks great, clear layout of the sevices.

As you’ve laid out I think Testimonials would be great addition, always good to showcase happy customers who value grape services.


I am no designer (made this with a free tool), but taking Dims notes created what a 1 pager could look like. Simple phrasing at a glance.
At least something to build off of and Grape-ified
(Pricing is not correct, placeholder)

Feels like most above is for fully website integration to be visited later.