Refill the Community controlled Treasury on Realms with 50k USDC

This proposal is for the context of this on-chain proposal I am pushing to refill our community-owned treasury.

At the moment the community-controlled DAO wallet 6jEQpEnoSRPP8A2w6DWDQDpqrQTJvG4HinaugiBGtQKD has approx. 5k $USDC.


Even though this onchain vote can not be tied to an instruction, the goal of this vote is to get the approval of the DAO to instruct the Council token holders controlling the DAO wallet 761tc1rUpTNBMK9rsWX6jajAdj8yQipeUL6BqENasuTJ

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 1.58.38 PM

to refill the community-controlled treasury with an additional 50k $USDC.

The purpose of this refill is to allow the community to have access to funds, to be used in any way the DAO sees fit.


I’m not sure why this proposal would be necessary in the first place. We never decided to have only a part of the funds community controlled. Having not all funds accessible through a proposal anyone with 200k $GRAPE can set up might be prudent from a security perspective, transferring enough funds to the right wallets so that the DAO stays operational should be a given though, imo.

In case we really want to operate like this proposal suggests, we should vote on a general threshold to “refill” rather than doing a vote erverytime funds need to be transferred.


I noticed you made a comment on the proposal on realms, and also mentioned this in the last DAO call. I agree the community voted to have full control to the Grape and USDC and the council has all the power needed to protect against any attack in V3 with the veto power.


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