Socean Streams re-do

Hola lovely friends,

I would like to propose adding a new socean stream of 100k Grape with a huge discount (50%+ APY) and continue adding small batches of bonded grape. Depending on the demand.

Let’s add the 100k bond before the other one expires

What do you think?


Instead of 50%+ APY we could go for lower like 10% or 15% and see how things get traction.


How does their pricing algorithm work? The discount should gradually increase from 0% to 50% or whatever. Seems like it didn’t really do this effectively, just stayed negative forever. The whole point of bonds is price discovery. If the discount just starts really high, it loses this benefit.

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Are there other bonds we are seeing offering an APY that high and are successful?

What would need to happen to make it possible?

I.e. What steps are needed to make this possible? (New token and somehow to have the $Grape added over time?)

Unfortunately, can’t do much in terms of comparing since I can’t see anything…


I agree on going for a large discount so we can see movement.

The most important of all is a smaller time duration. never ever again should it be 30 days – id say the max limit on a sale should be between 1-3 days

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