Adjusting Membership Model and Threshold

-----------------1st Step Completed
Simply remove Vanity Class roles (A,B,C)
Voted On-chain and passed

Currently $GRAPE held on realms is required for monthly Membership Class Rewards as well as maintaining membership for an entire epoch

– increases participation in votes
– increases the likelihood of reaching quorum.

  1. This proposal look to read GRAPE only deposited on realms.
  2. Will seek to alter Discord role threshold and accessibility
  3. Additionally, Raydium LP Tokens are NOT counted anymore towards membership or roles.

------------------Next Steps
(As discussed in the DAO Call on September 4th)

1. Reducing Membership Model
With the first step passed, we will now move into a 2-tier model with slight adjustments

Within Discord: Two Differentiating Roles/Classes will be

  • Neanderthal (222,222 $GRAPE)
  • Grape Member (any amount of GRAPE staked on realms)
    -- to be a GRAPE member, that user must deposit a minimum of 1 GRAPE within realms at the very least. The quantity does not matter.

Additionally, there will be sub-roles (informative role)

  • roles that act as an identifier, but not as diiferntiation role
    – So, a user can “Gaming council” but would still be classified under the primary role of either Neanderthal or GRAPE Member

Introduction of another sub-role

  • Gorilla (33,333 $GRAPE)
    To be eligible for the DAO a user must hold a minimum of this amount.
    So, in order to maintain your DAO role you must have a minimum of 33,333 GRAPE or lose the permission.

1. Discord accessibility
Discord access will no be open to all GRAPE members.

Only special channels that require roles (DAO, Syndicate, etc…) will have access to their own channels.

Example Announcement:


Gg on clarifying this.

I would be more careful on the wording here:

“In order to be eligible to become a DAO member” (what does “part of the DAO” mean?)

The way it reads currently is that anyone w 33333 $GRAPE becomes a Gorilla AND a DAO member…

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Changing it now to reflect to be eligible

Many people can be Gorilla, but no everyone can be DAO


Thank you. I believe this is a very important distinction that we should make crystal clear to everyone.

Discord Role Name Change: From Gorilla to DAO-ready (33,333 $GRAPE)

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Suggesting officially here too that the role Gorilla is named “Prospect”.
The reason for this is that this role only exists to make you eligible to apply for the Grape DAO.


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