Berlin Debriefing

GM fam,

First of all I’d like to thank the community for trusting me on this endeavour. I believe that having representation in IRL events is really important. I was able to discuss Grape in length with a lot of people who are building in this space. Here are some key points I was able to gather from those conversations:

  • We have arrived at this point in time were most people genuinely don’t know what Grape is. I believe this speaks volumes in regards to our relevancy in the space & how much work there needs to be done on that front.

  • People were curious to learn about Grape though, so once I explained to them what Grape has done until now and what we aim to do in the future, they were intrigued.

  • An unexpected “wow” moment was always the fact that the DAO had paid for my expenses in the most decentralized way possible. Something that seems really simple to us, was perceived as fun & out there. This tells me that we continue being pioneers & advocates for DAO culture in this space.

  • I was able to showcase to a bunch of developers & the consensus was positive. They were impressed by the engineering, integrations & use cases. Being open source was also a huge plus. Most people were not impressed by the UI/UX.

  • Merch dissapeared really quickly. Let’s keep that in mind.

Regarding the Superteam Germany team, they are absolute chads & I’m really happy being the link between them and Grape. In a very short amount of time they were able to create a vibrant community. It’s no wonder that Germany is in the Top 5 worldwide in Grizzlython submissions.

Apropos Grizzlython submissions: Naturally I had extensive conversations with people submitting for the hackathon. Some of the projects that stood out to me were Sunrise Stake, Bunkr, SOAP & Triggr. Given that some of those people are also active in the Grape DAO - Dan from Civic & Sunrise stake - Carlos from Triggr (Squads integration bounty), I believe we should reach out to those projects & see how we can help them. Some of those submissions are mindblowing and I’m 100% sure that they are going to shape the ecosystem going forth.

I’m already reflecting on that experience & plan on integrate it in our conversations going forward regarding our vision, product & awareness.

LFGrape :grapes:


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