Discord Pinging- Exploration Topic

The idea of “pinging” someone within Discord as a way of messaging via GRAPE Bot.

“Assumes they are in GRAPE ecosystem”
You could “ping” a message to someone via their 4 targets
-wallet address
-staking address
-NFT asset
-Sol Domain name
All through Discord under, once target is chosen, you can insert a message.

__Message would have __
-Discord server it came from

I could see this as beneficial feature within the service
Wonder if this is something worth exploring?

Would also be nice to offer a “recent listing, recent sales, bids, etc…” bot within the discord as well.


Wondering if this would be something worth exploring by our devs?

Sounds like an interesting idea.

Do you mean pinging via 4 targets as in via 1 of their 4 total targets?
I gather this should be done automatically by a Discord Bot? Or should users be able to use this manually?

Yeah, as in you would be able to pick one of the 4 targets and message in that method.
You pick depending on the need.

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