[Discussion] DAO Call Distribution Thread

This is the Discussion Thread for: DAO Call Distribution Thread (continuous)

Here is the general idea:

  • 1 proposal every 3 months to approve the budget for the next 3 months (Realms)
  • Proof of attendance is done in this Thread (first come, first serve)
  • Distribution will be done via Council Token or a dedicated group (e.g. Squads)
  • Rules will be updated in this post
  • Speakers get speaker points (SP)
  • Listeners get listener points (LP)
  • Creating the proof of attendance gets you 2 LP
  • 1 SP ≙ Σ $GRAPE / Σ SP
  • 1 LP ≙ Σ VINE / Σ L


  • add simple spreadsheet template
  • needs realms proposal to ratify
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