Weekly DAO call participation rewards and task rewards

Thought its a good idea to start the discussion around the DAO call participation rewards and the tasks surrounding the call itself.

We could allocate a pool for participation rewards i.e up to 100,000 GRAPE
where this pool is dynamic depending on the actual participation.

If there is very little participation i.e up to 5 people we would use a multiplier of 0.25

5-10 Participants → 0.5

10-15 Participants ->0.75

15 Participants + → 1.00

Its important the call is communicated properly.

From the dynamic pool we can reward participation for active speakers with 70% of the pool and the remaining pool can be raffled to up 3 participants. All participants are eligible for the raffle.

In addition to the participation rewards above, there are certain tasks which could be rewarded with symbolic Grape i.e 10,000 Grape per task completed

During the last 10 minutes of the call or when the call has ended, someone needs to put a proposal on-chain using the polling wallet to distribute participation rewards. The tasks completed will be rewarded on the next DAO call

Call moderation
Dao call recap
Dao call recording
DAO call uploaded to Youtube or saved somewhere for future reference


This sounds good but have a few suggestions on the roles:

-Maybe combine the DAO call recording/DAO call uploaded to YT for the same role? It seems to me that the person recording, will be the person also uploading to YT. Correct me if I’m wrong though.
-I’d like to add one more role: DAO rewards allocation - whoever takes the time to find the wallets + award grape correctly should also receive 10k for this role.

I have a clarifying question @BillysDisc_rd - how do you define participation? The suggestion during the DAO call is someone talking for 5 minutes minimum, but if we implement this, who will track it? Will there be someone with a stop watch? I would find that cumbersome. Maybe a suggestion is rewarding whoever contributes meaningfully to the DAO call. Sometimes a strong short contribution is better than a 5 minute+ speech.

Under this plan it would seem like we would have 5 roles, so 50k out of the max 100k GRAPE would be allocated, which leaves up to 50k to distribute for participants. I’m of the opinion that the people who show up to the DAO call shouldn’t get penalized just because it wasn’t well attended. If anything, a small crowd would mean even more participation for those that attend. What do you think?

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Great suggestions @CoffeeAttack

-The reason why I listed the recording and upload as separate is that Youtube is a permission role which specific members in the community have access, so if those people are not available we should still be able to reward whoever does the recording regardless.
-I agree, whoever makes the proposal and collects the wallet information of the participants should receive a reward.

  • For active participation there is no need to time this, let’s get more people to talk first.
  • If we opt to allocate 100,000 for the dao call and tasks related to the call, then yes the pool doesn’t need to be dynamic. The numbers shared above are suggestions.
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Sure that sounds good to me. So with the addition of rewards allocation role, that brings the total DAO proof of work bounty to 60k out of the 100k Grape. My suggestion is make the 100k per meeting fixed, and then during the 10-15 min time allocation at the end of the meeting we’ll agree on how to reward the rest of the Grape? My suspicion is that after doing a few of these calls, we’ll figure out how to reward participation that works for everyone. If I had to guess on how it would go down, we would reward those that contributed in the meeting, and divide rest of the Grape evenly. Or maybe we could reserve a special bounty for the most meaningful contribution of the day via a poll. But I don’t want it to be too cumbersome.

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Also added a mockup document we can use for reference based on the April 16, 2023 DAO call participation.

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