[Discussion] DAO subCategorys - Category ranks

1. Proposal Purpose:

Creating a better overview for proposals and keeping a constant quality control

  • My initial idea was, to add more categorys and tags to discourse, to create a better overview for the upcoming journey of GRAPE. I think the server and the DAO as well will continuously grow and the more members we get, the more proposals will be submitted. To keep it all in a way everyone can read the proposals and have some time to make their own thoughts about it, discourse shouldn‘t be flooded with „random“ proposals. So Dean had the idea of creating roles for subCategorys of the DAO.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

subCategorys and ranks

  • I recommend the following subCategorys to add:
  • events/ gaming (non crypto)
  • crypto gaming/ other pojects (AMA)
  • grape access/ cooperation with other crypto projects and dexes
  • research focus

Also I recommend the following ranks:

  • president
    The head of the DAO subCategory. Main task is the quality control of finished proposals before the submission to discourse. Also the president is in charge of the priorisation of the proposals which are up for submission. I recommend 1 proposal per week until the next DAO call. Final vote will be done during the call. Of course, exceptions are allowed and necessary for important proposals.
  • secretary
    Main task is the communication with the community and the DAO members who want to propose something within the subCategory. Also the secretary helps writing the proposals, if the assistance is needed.
  • treasurer
    Main task is to have overview about the budget/ emissions of the subCategory. For example: december will have 1 cod wz event. Prize pool is 50k $GRAPE. If we do more and more events. How much budget can we afford for each event? How should be priorisation between the events.

3. Stakeholders

DAO, Crew, Team, CC, Videographer, Designer, Researcher

  • This proposal is about the structure of the whole community but regards the DAO mostly. There was a small discussion in the CC subDAO before the proposal.

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

Human Resources, maybe bonus emissions for ranks

  • The most work with this proposal will be to implement the ranks and subCategorys to discourse and to discord. New roles need to be created and some permissions need to be changed.

I wouldn’t say it is needed to give the rank holders more $GRAPE for their work. It should be more like a profession for them, because most of the DAO members already have a role which provides them emissions.

5. Extra:

I will leave this open for discussion and when there is some more input from you guys I will update the text here. If there is no more to add, I will open the poll!