[Discussion] Creating Crew Roles on Discourse for the main DAO

Hi everyone! In light of the ongoing considerations regarding Creating subCategories, subCaterory Crews and Roles on Discourse I asked myself, whether we need similar roles for the main DAO. The more I think about it, the more it gets obvious to me that we should consider creating them too.

My reasoning here is that we not only have Discourse related tasks that aren’t the sole responsibility of any subDAO, we might also have subDAOs that may need help from time to time with outlining proposals or preparing votes. Not all subDAOs might have members that are keen on formulating and flashing out proposals since their skills lie elsewhere.
Main tasks could therefore be:

  • Outlining and creating proposals that concern the main DAO.
  • Responsible for organizing and prioritizing the DAO’s proposals and organizing the votes.
  • Assisting subDAO Crews with proposal creation and coordination.

All Crew Roles are intended for organizational tasks and should help alleviate the need to spend too much time on administrative efforts for those who are heavily focused on the operational side of things.
It is nothing that needs to be decided now and the discussion regarding subCategories, proposals and voting rules are way more important imo. But it can’t hurt to talk it through.


Actually a really good idea. With such a significant change to the structure and organization of how GRAPE is run this would make sense to me.
This would have been a perfect way to test it before implementing it into the sub-daos. The overall goal is to increase efficiency and I am all about beta-testing. I suppose we still can, not sure what the urgency level is on implementing this. But there still seems to be alot of confusion. This would let us iron out some things as well before pressing forward


Ideally, the way I am visualising this, there would not be a need for extra crew roles as it relates to the main DAO. I feel the internal structure brought by the president and secretary of each SubDAO will allow an inherent organisation.

I also like this from a philosophical perspective. The idea of having a hybrid system of complete decentralisation on the main DAO and a hierarchical structure in the SubDAOs could be a success formula.


Ideally, yes. Realistically, well, I doubt it. Without people dedicated to it, departmentalism can become a serious issue. Not necessarily on purpose but due to being more involved in one’s own subDAO than in topics from other subDAOs or any form of organizing general things. And that’s actually good. The knowledge that there is someone who keeps a wider perspective can give the subDAOs the peace of mind to focus more heavily on their topics.

Sure, I’m all for testing @DyNite ! My reasoning for directly implementing it in the subDAOs is that by doing so, every subDAO can give feedback, whether it works for them or not. If we test it only in one subDAO/the main DAO, people are more detached and might not see/feel the difference in their daily life. But that’s just a concern.


Sounds great! I would imagine one size doesnt fit all in the sub-DAOs. Im sure they will figure it out :slight_smile:

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I like this idea alot and I believe it also helps engage very high active members by giving a responsibility that is naturally appealing.

There are a number of responsibilities id add here including:

Welcoming/Onboarding experience – constantly iterating on a better experience for new users, hosting welcome calls, and helping direct high energy high skilled new users into the right direction

Coordination with subDAOs – help set and communicate the DAO goals with each subDAO

Documentation - help determine what needs updating, what is missing, and working with the community to create these resources

I want to move on this and action on a vote - ive also taken the liberty of querying the highest active people in Discourse that DO NOT currently have a skill role. The role would be assigned if they also accept it, but these people have shown huge talent and i want to make sure our community acknowledges, engages, and rewards them for their input.



Good points, I’d be down for that.

This would be something I’d see partly with Community Management though since helping direct new users into the right direction is precisely what community management is about (whether be it in welcome calls or Discord chats).

Iterating on a better experience for new users, on the other hand, is totally in line with what this new role could be about. I’d go so far and say we should expand the responsibilities to general process improvements, wherever they might be possible.

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I like your idea and I think it will be necessary as well when the community is getting bigger and bigger.

Imagine, if there is one proposal per subDAO/ category each week, we need to have the overview about the actual and the upcoming proposals.

Also the person in charge could lead the proposal discussion during the weekly DAO call.

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All these ideas sound great, especially as GRAPE continues to grow it must also adapt and standardize new methodology that doesn’t sacrifice efficiency and quality. This space moves fast, having dedicated people with a wide scope of GRAPE inter-workings could be greatly beneficial.