[Discussion] Setting the Agenda for Sunday's DAO Call 12/5

Wanted to start gauging what people want to discuss this Sunday on the call because there are ALOT of proposals and initiatives floating around

For me – the top one is related to [Discussion] Creating Crew Roles on Discourse for the main DAO

In that discussion, i shared a new role type and the first 5 people i think should have it.

Id also like to cover Treasury Operations and
@natome New Year’s Event [Discussion] New Year Events - #8

I’ll volunteer to collect all the replies to this thread and create an agenda that ill post here and in discord before the Sunday call

I’d like to add

Both topics seem to be ready to be voted upon and I’ll prepare them later today.


Also removal of inactive DAO members.


Nominees for Grape Awards

tbh I think the crew roles on discourse and the ny event are top priority, theres only so much we can cover and actually make progress with

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