[Vote] Creating subCategories and assigning subCaterory Reps on Discourse

Hey everyone! Please take a minute and vote on this proposal. There were no further suggestions for a change in the corresponding [Discussion].

1. Proposal Purpose:

The main goals for this proposal are to structure the creation of future proposals in Discourse, help assign persons in charge of streamlining the process, and have contacts in each subDAO who can be approached by everyone in the community if there are questions regarding processes in Discourse, the status of proposals or votes or regarding funding.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

Voting period: 04/12/21 to 11/12/21 (1 Week)

If accepted, the following will be in effect after the vote closes:

  1. subCategories on Discourse reflect the subDAO structure 1:1; any subDAO has its own subCategory.

  2. Current subCategories are:
    a. Community Management (Moderators, Organizers)
    b. Content Creation (Community Creators)
    c. Creative (Designer, Videographer)
    d. Development (Developer)
    e. Panda Crew (Grape China)
    f. Research (Researchers)

  3. Posts in subCategories are visible to all DAO members.

  4. Only members of the subDAOs can create new posts in their subCategories.

  5. Every subDAO appoints 2 representatives responsible for organizing and prioritizing the subDAO’s proposals to the DAO (decisions that are not solely within the subDAO’s purview).

  6. The main responsibilities of the subDAO Reps are:
    a. Proposal creation and prioritization according to their respective subDAO’s decisions.
    b. Escalation of disputes to the DAO that the subDAO couldn’t resolve internally.
    c. subDAO weekly recaps on actions and goals.
    d. Organizing subDAO specific votes, e.g. removals for inactive members and allocation.
    e. Communication of subDAO applicants and upkeep of application-acceptance procedure.
    f. Being a reliable liaison for the subDAO, especially in regards to tasks submitted to the subDAO [by the DAO or other subDAOs]

  7. Emissions dedicated to the respective subDAO are allocated to compensate their subDAO Reps [10k each].

  8. Grape Team members are limited to 1 Team member per subDAO acting as subDAO Rep.

3. Stakeholders

GRAPE community, specifically DAO members

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

GRAPE Community Treasury Management & Execution

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstention

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Vote is closed and the proposal passed.

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