[Discussion] Gitbook: SubDAO Responsibilities/Long Term Goal

CryptoPawz and I are adding further documentation on Gitbook which should go live very soon. As part of this revamp we are creating specific, dedicated pages for each SubDAO that will include a section on SubDAO specific responsibilities.

We have some idea on what to add there but we felt it would be best to get insight from some SubDAO members who have a better insight than us as it relates to specifics.

So we would kindly ask at least one member of each subDAO to comment below at least one bullet point for each of the following:

  1. Responsibilities/Main Tasks
  2. what the subDAO is looking for: Skills needed

An example of how we are visualising this:


  • Find yield-maximizing investments/strategies in the Solana ecosystem
  • Produce content for the alpha chat

What we are currently looking for

  • NFT mint Tracking

Long term goal: Structure alpha sharing and actionable investment strategy implementation on Solana for the Grape Community… (etc)

Thank you in advance for your help :wink:


SubDAO Community Management (Organizer/ Moderator)

  1. Responsibilities
  • Take care of the community, answer questions about the Grape community
  • Organize events for the community (gaming, sports, watch events)
  1. Sills needed
  • Highly structured, oganizational talent
  • Base knowledge for how to run events (spreadsheets, signups, tournament structures etc…)