[Discussion] Gitbook Revamp: SubDAO Responsibilities and Long Term Goal

CryptoPawz and I are adding further documentation on Gitbook which should go live very soon. As part of this revamp we are creating specific, dedicated pages for each SubDAO that will include a section on SubDAO specific responsibilities.

We have some idea on what to add there but we felt it would be best to get insight from some SubDAO members who have a better insight than us as it relates to specifics.

So we would kindly ask at least one member of each subDAO to comment below 3-5 bullet points on responsibilities and one sentence on the long term goal/vision for the subDAO.

An example of how we are visualising this:


  • Find yield-maximizing investments/strategies in the Solana ecosystem
  • Produce content for the alpha chat

    Long term goal: Structure alpha sharing and actionable investment strategy implementation on Solana for the Grape Community… (etc)

These can easily be taken from the roles guide cant they?
Tried to find this on discord but it might have been deleted or hidden?
I know CC had already clarified was the role was.

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Got the CC one.

An individual(s) or entity that creates (content) that falls into one of the categories (informational, tutorial, editorial, review, interview) for Solana-based projects and initiatives.

They must be a member of Grape (B class and above), and they must be active – contributing to the community, responding to questions about their content, attending some subDAO meetings, etc.

Content can be categorized as either written, electronic, videos, YT, tutorials, etc.

Content creators must submit an application to the Community Creators subDAO and have it accepted to become a member.

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thank you! Yes the roles guide info will be there. We are just looking to enhance it by potentially adding more info as it relates to specific responsibilities once in the subDAO and an overall long term goal/vision relevant to each one.

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