New Discord server ownership poll

We have two candidates who have volunteered to take ownership of the Grape Protocol Discord server.

Takisoul Takisoul#5096 discord id 751355751859093624


Tariqstp Tariqstp#3899 discord id 826858504018853909

The purpose of this post is to start with a off-chain DAO poll to vote for a new discord server owner by the DAO. Once this poll closes, a on chain proposal will verify this result.

Should we trasnfer ownership of the Grape Protocol discord server with discord id 837189238289203201 to Takisoul or Tariqstp
  • Takisoul
  • Tariqstp

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Why are we rushing this?
Especially as we didn’t receive a written proposal by Tariq yet and Taki’s proposal includes much more than only the discord ownership.

It was requested in this post
Discord Discord Ownership (unrelated to Grape Vision and Roadmap)

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