Next Small Validator suggestions discussion and research

On the DAO Call of Sept. 17, 2023 it was suggested that DAO members should recommend/suggest the next validator the DAO should use to delegate the next 1000 SOL

@Arximedis recommended we do also support smaller validators

In the tweet we were able to gather some suggestions which we can further research.

I propose we create a short list of 10 validators to be put up for vote on Realms so we are ready to stake to a specific validator when we finish gathering the next 1000 SOL to be staked currently at (693 SOL) in our B7bKkCv9wt2ps1ZSC5w3u2V98bKtH8JaersqAcBWb1kn staking account.

The suggestions from twitter so far bellow:

Stake City

Lucky Stake

Sunrise Stake → Liquid staking? ( @Jahris need some insight here)

Solblaze → Liquid Staking

Step Finance

Solana Compass




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Defo keen to support high ranking low stake validators.

Full disclosure, I suggested Sentries - Lode, I hold a bunch of their NFT’s which if the validator becomes profitable will get revenue share.

They are a good bunch though they offer to setup and run other Validators as a service,
e.g. ThugDAO and validator

And have close connections with
Jito, Scalp-Empire, Blocksmith, Marinade, Squads, Solblaze, Overclock, Latitude, StackPath

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