[Proposals] Migrate IDO funds to new accounts

We will need to complete the migration of the remaining IDO funds in our Realm

Our current USDC treasury is a legacy token account on Realms and does not support some of the new instructions such as the Solana Saga mobile proposal purchase proposal we would like to put forward. A new governance for the USDC will be based on a ATA of the SOL treasury created. This does create an additional SOL account in the UI and might appear clunky, but we will be able to label the accounts for easier readability.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:


The existing USDC treasury account 3a7iE5MLi9RhPrhSrH64KP744DTvaZRiphnbfy2FtUmz governance GwW1LcJeUsHADSU1FkrVAAH9i8fxtWgj2eSnjaL2yEtR will be migrated to a new account will be shared bellow once its created.

Next steps

Proposal 1. Alter parameters on existing 3a7iE5MLi9RhPrhSrH64KP744DTvaZRiphnbfy2FtUmz governance to accept IDO funds migration.
Proposal 2. Create new governance treasury (SOL + USDC)
Proposal 3. Transfer existing USDC from 3a7iE5MLi9RhPrhSrH64KP744DTvaZRiphnbfy2FtUmz to new USDC ATA account.


I think we can get this proposal on-chain ASAP


Update to the proposal above, we don’t need to make a new governance (treasury) the existing one oyznFCoGLEr8mWWfroGRbhtPE7wUVMMy1X9Rhv3RvqD

which was created for Msol with Native SOL account 6jEQpEnoSRPP8A2w6DWDQDpqrQTJvG4HinaugiBGtQKD and new USDC ATA account GdR7iXqQZdwbJJZAJkknu6yawJJDw1ZR7FWW88htCm75
will be the new home for the Grape Treausury USDC

Steps 2 and 3 will be completed with the council proposal Realms

Once 3/5 council members vote the USDC will be transferred to the new USDC ATA account under governance oyznFCoGLEr8mWWfroGRbhtPE7wUVMMy1X9Rhv3RvqD


Thx for creating this :raised_hands:

Confirmed Destination Address & Voting Completed

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Awesome and scaryyyyyyyyy.

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