[Vote] StrikeX Listing

In regards to the idea pushed by @Tariqstp1 a week ago and after a call we have had with their team, I would like to push the potential listing of Grape on StrikeX to a vote.

By the way, even if the DAO votes no, users would still be able to exchange Grape through there but would have to input the network, contract address, name, symbol, decimals (think of trust wallet)

As mentioned by their team, regardless of whether the vote passes “$GRAPE investors will still have access to all of our wallet’s features. Despite that fact, it would be a whole lot easier for them to access it if all of the relevant info has already been added for them.”

Should we list GRAPE on StrikeX?
  • Yes
  • No

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Here you can find some more info: https://strikex.com/


I dont see what we’re voting on here. If they are doing it anyway, why cant they put all the relevant info in too?

This is a cryptic proposal and for that reason, Im against supporting it.

If someone can explain to me what we are voting on here? Whats the decision being asked that 3 people have already voted yes on?

@Dim_Selk Thank you for taking the time posting this proposal.

@DeanMachine you are correct, we should clarify this a bit more.

Yes, we have been approached by StrikeX in order to list $GRAPE to their platform.

At the moment the only requirement for this to happen is that we announce within our community (and social media) the photo attached in Dim’s post.

In an effort to not have centralized decisions, the team decided we take this decision to the community.


So the vote is to allow StrikeX to list $Grape and facilitate their users holding it in their wallet which can do token swaps and on/off ramp fiat.

Or deny StrikeX the $Grape listing leaving it open for its users to go down a DIY approach and setup/ pseudo-registered $Grape for themselves.

The pessimistic view would be another avenue for people to sell $Grape.
The optimistic view would be another avenue for people to buy $Grape.

I’d imagine without an official listing it would mostly be current holders exchanging $Grape, while with the listing we might open another avenue for new users to come in. All in all I’d be in favour of the listing.