Update on CEX Listing?

Looking to get an update on CEX Listing.

Initial DEX Proposal. CEX Listing and Market Maker
Date created: October, 2021

@CryptoPawz Can we add this to the agenda, likely at the beginning of the call for a quick update on, if any.

Or if it can be addressed here in the comments.


Agree with @DyNite - if the DAO board has some information they have not been sharing about this, it should be mentioned at the beginning of the call

However, if the DAO board doesnt have any update on this, then 100% no one has an update on it, so maybe dont bother putting it on the agenda!

No listing, yet.

FTX reached out, said we can list, and suggested we wait. Treasury agreeed.
No pressing need at the moment, we keep building

Treasury has been offered to GRAPE on B-tier exchanges. GRAPE has strategically agreed to decline such offers.


agree on this point, no need to venture into listing now and keep building