[WIKI] Product Updates Template

DAO Different: Evolving the Web3 User Experience

Who’s this update for? Users

We are thrilled to share some innovations that we believe elevate the Web3 user experience (UX) to new heights, for any User or DAO. Our commitment has always been to evolve the experience, and our focus on excellence drives us to continuously seek to reimagine the boundaries of what’s possible, especially on Solana.

Here are 5 major updates that aim to transform the way we interact with Web3 & DAOs:

1. [Innovation 1] [i.e.: DAO Analytics/Metrics & Rewards]

![Video or Image presenting Innovation 1]


Briefly explain the first innovation, focusing on how it addresses user needs or pain points. Highlight any new features, functionalities, or improvements.


  • Addresses [specific user challenge] with precision.
  • Fosters a more [adjective] experience through [feature details].
  • [Any other significant benefits.]

2. [Innovation 2] [i.e.: DAO Proposal Builder, Address Book & Bulk Instructions]

![Video or Image presenting Innovation 2]


Introduce the second innovation, emphasizing its impact on user workflows. Provide context on why this innovation matters and how it aligns with user feedback.


  • Streamlines [specific process] for increased efficiency.
  • Introduces [new capability] for expanded possibilities.
  • [Any other significant benefits.]

3. [Innovation 3] [i.e.: DAO Proposal Instructions & Voting]

![Video or Image presenting Innovation 3]


Dive into the details of the third innovation, showcasing its potential to enhance user engagement and satisfaction. Highlight any user-centric design principles incorporated.


  • Optimizes [key functionality] for a more intuitive experience.
  • Introduces [new way of interaction] for enhanced user control.
  • [Any other significant benefits.]

4. [Innovation 4] [i.e.: Cross-DAO & Inter-DAO Collaboration]

![Video or Image presenting Innovation 4]


Explore the fourth innovation, underscoring how it aligns with market trends and emerging technologies. Connect this innovation to the broader industry landscape.


  • Adapts to evolving industry standards with [feature details].
  • Prepares users for future challenges with [capability details].
  • [Any other significant benefits.]

5. [Innovation 5] [Suggested: UX Evolution: Frictionless Onboarding]

![Video or Image presenting Innovation 5]


Conclude with the fifth innovation, summarizing the key aspects and expressing gratitude for user feedback that contributed to these advancements.


  • Enhances [define specific UX] for a smoother experience.
  • Saves X time and boosts productivity with [feature details].
  • [Any other significant benefits.]

What’s Next?

These innovations simplify the UX for all users, old and new. We have more in store, including [teaser for upcoming features or updates].

Stay tuned for regular updates, and as always, we appreciate your continued support and feedback.

Thank you for being part of the Solana community!



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