[BOUNTY] Complete entry for DAO handbook

Type: Content/Form fill
Title: Complete entry for DAO handbook
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Create): 0 $GRAPE
Max Reward (Complete): 25000 $GRAPE
Date Created: 09/26/2023
Date Complete: 10/03/2023
Restrictions: (Excluded Country/Topics/Projects/References)
Language: English (Default)

Unique Venture Clubs are working on a Solana-wide DAO handbook and asked for the following for us to also add Grape

For this bounty, all submissions must be received before October 4th’s bounty call meeting. We will pick and choose the best parts of contribution and share the bounty amongst all contributors as this is 100% a collaborative initiative that we should include everyone in.

The requirements as laid out by Unique are below

Needed from projects we will include in the DAO Handbook

Introduction (500 - 700 characters)

Who is your platform for? (400 - 800 characters)

  • Target audience and positioning

How do you support DAO creation and management? (2000 – 3000 characters)

  • What can users use your platform for
  • What tools and features do you offer
  • What problem are you solving

Prerequisites for starting on your platform (max 600 characters)

How to use your product in steps by step style guide

Please pick only crucial steps and group smaller steps if needed

  • Include high-quality screenshots
  • Include links to support if you have

Make the most out of xy (500 - 1000 characters)

  • Tips and tricks for readers on how to make the most out of your product

How to get in touch

  • Share your official Twitter account, Discord and Telegram group, website

Send us transparent SVG format of your logo for the cover of the book

Disclaimer: Note: Bullet-points are there just for context and guidelines. You do not need to answer every bullet-point, but make sure to address the topic mentioned.


making a note here – the completion date is open now instead of finishing on Oct 3

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