Comprehensive Plan on how use existing subDAOs for Branding/Advertising Grape

Type: Article/Roadmap
Title: Comprehensive Plan on how use existing subDAOs for Branding/Advertising Grape
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Please submit an article highlighting how to effectively use existing subDAOs at Grape for Branding/Advertising Grape


Obviously, Gaming is very hot right now in web3. This gives us a unique opportunity to engage it build out the brand of Grape. However, Branding is hard and might need some comprehensive knowledge that can be used to then complete this bounty.
We have three dedicated subDAOs here in Grape: Content, Gaming and NFT which I feel might be able to work together to get this done.
As a part of the bounty, I am requesting someone/team with comprehensive knowledge to define

  1. Roles and Responsibilities of Each SubDAO as a part of this
  2. Coordination and Control guidelines
  3. Evaluation checkpoints to make sure we are on the right path
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Added to Bounty Kanban.

Post reserved for future updates.

Bounty Rejected.

While the need for a more concise branding is acknowledged, this bounty is not seen actionable enough.

  1. each subDAO is responsible for their own marketing/branding, changing this is a big effort
  2. even in the best case this bounty will result only in a good marketing plan, taking action will be out-of-scope
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quite twisted feedback.
“bounty not actionable enough” - bounty request specifically calls out 3 things to define quite clearly.
“each team is responsible for its branding” - that is exactly what the bounty is trying to change and looking for someone with experience to help lay out a framework
“taking action is out of scope” - yes it is. because this is specifically just asking help with a coming up with a strategy and not taking action.

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Your bounty was understood to focus on gaming and the Grape Gaming Council. Not on the wider scope of overall Grape DAO branding.

If you want to change the responsibility of branding from each subDAO to somehow more centralized at the main DAO level, I think that’s worth exploring as we currently are lacking in branding and outreach. At the same time, this would be a major change that is definitely outside of bounty scope. Bounties are a tool for execution when we have a consensus about what to do.

So if you want to proceed with this topic, first we have to achieve consensus on changing the responsibility of branding/PR from subDAO to main DAO. Maybe present that topic on a Sunday call to move the conversation forward.

“This gives us a unique opportunity to engage it build out the brand of Grape” < - direct quite from the post. Not sure how that came across as Grape Gaming. But anyways …

Yes, this bounty is for Grape Branding and the bounty is to come up with the roadmap/blueprint of making it functional keeping in mind that we already have the three essentials subDAOs to make it happen. NFT Council, Gaming Council and Content SubDAO.

Branding is hard and isn’t something to take lightly specially if it needs coordination between multiple parties. The purpose of this bounty is to encourage people to spend their valuable time thinking about the problem knowing that their work will be rewarded.

I would love to work on this async if possible. Happy to answer any questions here.

Its been identified that branding is important. I think its fair to say Grape has a brand that’s been marketed on a very ad-hoc basis to differing degrees by the DAO/ members of the DAO and SubDAO’s.

I can see the goal of the bounty you put forward is to get the marketing/advertising tighter, clearer, more constent etc. Yes, the bounty has a specific instruction which effectively amounts make a how to guide on branding/marketing Grape, in terms of a deliverable that’s so wide in scope though.

Putting out the bounty glossed over the bit where it gets any form of buy-in from the DAO/SubDAO’s but has an outcome in defining how the DAO/SubDAO’s should market themselves. In effect asking the bounty hunter(s) come up with something and to then tell people what to do.