Dev subDAO: Add function to unlink wallet in the Settings section in the Dashboard

Type: Developer DAO
Title: Add function to unlink wallet in the Settings section in the Dashboard
Funding: Pre-Funded
Max Reward (Create): 20,000 $GRAPE
Max Reward (Complete): 20,000 $GRAPE
Date Created: 05/04/2022
Date Complete: 05/26/2022
Restrictions: implement into live dashboard after testing and grant approval
Language: React/ Typescript

Submission Instructions:

Contribute to the Grape GitHub repo Grape Labs · GitHub in specific Grape-Labs/grape-dashboard


1 - Go to and connect a wallet;
2 - Scroll down to the SETTINGS section;
3 - Click on the WALLETS TAB;
4 - At the Actions column add an Unlink icon and implement a function to unlink wallet;
5 - The icon should display the text “Unlink wallet” on hover;
6 - The icon should not be displayed in the current wallet row;
Figure 1: Unlink icon

Figure 2: Wallets TAB displaying linked wallets

Suggested Guidance Questions

  1. Am I able to see an Unlink icon at each row except at the Current wallet row?
  2. Am I able to see the text “Unlink wallet” if I hover on the Unlink Icon?
  3. Am I able to unlink a wallet if I click on the Unlink icon at that wallet row?

If you clearly answer the above questions in your bounty article, it will likely do well.


The frontend should show the Unlink icon in every row of the Action column, except for the CURRENT wallet row. The Unlink icon should show the text “Unlink wallet” on hover. The frontend must unlink the wallet from the row where the user clicked on the unlink icon.

Acceptance Criteria:

Compilable/Runnable Code which will not break any existing dependencies and integrations on the existing repo, libraries may be updated and build can be updated as long as all existing functionality is compilable.