[Discussion] What is your vision of Grape?

1. Proposal Purpose:

As discussed in the DAO Call today we currently do not have one shared vision of what Grape is. This discussion is to provide a place where any DAO Member can write out their own vision of Grape. The idea is to then have a discussion and arrive at one shared vision that we can naturally reference in future decisions and logically use as a guiding light through the night, going forward.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

Every DAO Member is encouraged to write out their own vision of Grape.
Together we can develop a shared vision that all fabulous members can get behind and make a reality.

3. Stakeholders

Grape DAO, You!


Would like to especially invite the (former) Team Members to share their very own and unique vision of Grape.
@Takisoul @Whale_s_Friend @DeanMachine @BillysDiscord @kirk @legend @Dim_Selk @starflash @Baba @Arximedis

Grape is a tokenized community, thus the vision is decentralized resulting in many different iterations!

Grape is pushing the boundaries in DAO Governance and is THE power user of web3 apps running on Solana.

In my personal vision, success for grape means utilizing the strengths described above together with successful and value-producing capital deployment (from the DAO treasury)

I want to see 100s of Grape SubDAOs and Grape Backed tokens powering investment groups, syndicates, nft collectives, creators, think-tanks, beta-testers etc. Creating value for their SubDAO treasuries and locking up $GRAPE.

More tools will be required and those groups and their needs are gonna carve the grape tools development path, the grants and bounties.

TL;DR: Use the tokenized community’s strengths, tools and capital to promote the #GRAPE way of DAO governance and create an ecosystem of subDAOs where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



My personal vision of Grape is that of a Service DAO (this does NOT mean that Grape will be just that). By optimally organizing our current/future SubDAOs, we can become a power house in providing services as a DAO. SubDAOs w their own social tokens, which result in governance, treasury & eventually self-sustainability.
Content consultation services, Discord consultation services, DAO consultation services, moderation services are only a fraction of what we can offer in exchange of payment.
I envision a Grape ecosystem w tons of Grape-backed tokens that each have their own demand, target audience and al the SubDAO microeconomies feed off each other, while strengthening the value of the $GRAPE token.
Following through on our next phase , will also allow us to continue to evolve, experiment (yes, some experiments may fail) in the bleeding edge of DAOs, not only in Solana, but all over crypto. My vision is for the Grape community to be synonymous of how to DAO & Web 3.0.


As I mentioned in my DAO prospects introduction,

‘what truly piqued my interest in GRAPE was GRAPE ACCESS since it’s a great value proposition and differentiator; it’s an excellent way to approach and connect markets. If GRAPE does it right, it can be huge. I know because I work at a company that does precisely this. We provide a login and verification infrastructure. By doing this, we get in touch with most of the critical players in a given market and have access to valuable contacts in those organizations.’

I still believe this is how to approach things, albeit now, this might be much harder to achieve due to having much more serious competition and the perceived loss of user acceptance. Gatekeeping is key in almost every market, be it through competitive products and services or knowledge.

Since joining Grape, I realized there are additional opportunities besides Grape Access. I also embraced the ethos of sharing with the community and open sourcing code to benefit everyone and push the entire ecosystem. Grape has an excellent reputation in Solana space, opening all kinds of doors and potentially having the same effect as with Grap Access. Reputation alone, though, doesn’t create revenue, which in turn is needed to fund building.
This is why I think it is so vital to secure a stable revenue stream that enables us to do what we are doing while paying the people who invest their time, resources, and passion.

Grape, for me, is not about getting rich quick. It’s about the experience and possibility of being at the bleeding edge of all things web3 and working with people that share the same excitement.
And maybe then getting rich :smirk:


I have my particular view on Grape and how we should treat our services and products and I have an analogy to share with you all.

Grape is a tree rooted in the fertile soil of open-sourceness and web 3.
Grape dashboard, marketplace and verification tool are the roots.
Grape dao is the trunk.
Grape subdaos are the branches.
Grape members are the leaves.
Grape members work are the fruits.
Grape treasure is the water.

  1. The tree still needs to be irrigated, as it still doesn’t have well-defined roots and spread out through the soil to find its own water.
    If we water too much, the roots rot and the leaves get sick.
    If we don’t irrigate, the leaves dry up and fall off.

  2. We can also expand this view to the branches where we can cut them and grow new trees by cutting, as we did with Deanslist.
    If we cut a branch that is too young, the leaves can wither very quickly and make the process unfeasible.
    If we cut a very old branch, it will be difficult to take root.

Both must be our priority.

  1. An irrigation schedule to develop our roots and branches.
  2. Cut our branches at the right age to take root on their own and produce more fruit.



Really awesome analogy Pontes. Love it. I second this and really could not have said it better myself.


An idea on how we could direct our financial resources on one of our products (grape-art).

Figure 1: Grape-art 2years projected cash flow

Obs. The values are projections but imo they are not surreal.

DAO Tooling at the palm of the hand and convenience. This is GRAPE.



Providing our tools and services and also our marketplace in new NFT projects i believe is key to activate our grape ecosystem powers.

The thing is that our services with our partners actually solve and provide tools to empower the communities of those projects and further utilize their projects strength.

My logic is that if we can support that simple task initially and integrate new projects in GrapeArt then at some point the success of those new NFT projects will drive more activity on our ecosystem
Love ya