Grape Scholarships/November Emissions

1. Proposal Purpose:

In the context of Dean’s proposal on Emissions for Epoch-2, I would like to translate my attached response into a proposal. Specifically, I am proposing an increase of the Grape Scholarship Awards to 400K (2x) GRAPE in Epoch-2 and a process for the distribution/custody of these scholarships. This is a revision to the 200K that was submitted in the initial proposal.

I am especially passionate about this issue. I strongly believe that scholarships, in the way proposed by Dean, are a central configuration point that should define the DAO as a decentralized human-based structure. It is a sign that mirrors our culture of ethics, fellowship, and equality of opportunity here at Grape.

We need diversity of ideas, and limiting opportunities to people with 20,000 Grape might be synonymous with the underutilization of our community talent. Bringing over people that have stood out in the community and increasing DAO inclusivity is going to be extremely beneficial in the long term. It also sends out the right example to all other DAOs.

2. Grape Proposal Overview:
There are 2 parts to the handling process of scholarships.

Firstly, the selection process: I propose that, just like the DAO did for Grape Awards, we should allow current DAO members to respond to this proposal with individuals (Gibbons, Great Apes) they believe deserve to be in the DAO. The criteria for scholarship candidates should be activity in the server and genuine passion about what we are all trying to build, Grape.

The second part relates to the operationalization of the distribution: I recognize that sending thousands of GRAPE could be an issue for some members so the three options I have come up with are:

  • Custody by the DAO forever
  • Custody by the DAO with release of the amount to each scholarship winner after 1 year
  • No Custody, Free Distribution to the Scholarship Winners

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3. Stakeholders

Stakeholders include the whole Grape Community (Gibbons and above)

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

Financial Resources: 200K Grape to be added to the emissions schedule

  • Accept Overall Proposal
  • Reject Overall Proposal

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Do we have many candidates for scholarships at the moment? If we have less than 10, is there a need to increase it right now? Seems like we could see how it goes first and then reconsider.


i have a suggestion: instead of doing scholarships by nomination lets setup a bounty board - a list of tasks anyone with a verified wallet can complete and then earn grape.

this has 3 benefits:

  1. permissionless: don’t need to get nominated or approved by an existing member, lower barrier to entry
  2. quality: you get people who are serious and demonstrated proof of work - don’t need locking mechanisms
  3. win-win: if they don’t stick around in the community they got paid for their work and we got output.

this is the approach the superteamdao has taken and so far it seems to work well. low intent people get weeded out naturally and velocity of output is strong.


Based on the grape award emissions, the community voting would be better of conduct by the people in the subdaos… each skilled role knows who worked the most and if they decide it the award should go to the person. Making the award a community context wouldn’t be fair to alot of people, as it can be gamed.


In reply to Saditya: Great suggestion. I agree on every point.
It can be confusing for newcomers to know what can be done and this would show everyone a To Do list of what can be done.
Ideally this should be coordinated with someone in charge of the project so that multiple people don’t waste time on the same project.


Id like to start listing the scholarship nominees to help look at this discussion from a different perspective. These are all examples of people that have ALREADY contributed to Grape. My belief is they might not have the economic capacity to leapfrog to a Class, but have shown a deep devotion for our community.

DyNite#7777 (Class B to Class A) – super active contributor who would instantly join our DAO and be active

Lheinex#8471 (Verified to Class C) – was previously Class C and told me he got hacked. Would have proposed moving from C-B, but since he is verified – just C is fair. He was the one who submitted the grape cooking video and it remains one of the best displays of non-traditional creativity and passion we’ve seen

KILO#0098 (Class C to Class B) – made the Grape NFT meme video (scene from the Mask). Would instantly add him to the videographers


That is something we will have to see as we are making submissions. I just wanted to have this proposal ready in case we do see more than 10.

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People I would nominate include:







I would remove anyone that has a skill role from scholarships - the emissions alone are enough to get to the next class level

With that being said, maybe its also not correct to give scholarships to Class B members - at the point of going Gorilla from a scholarship – there should be some sort of skill role involved

Interesting discussion and excited to see how this develops

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actually, that makes a lot of sense. I get that. Maybe going to Gorilla should only be done in the case we identify someone who can provide immediate value from being in the DAO. Still also thinking about this. Comments here have changed my own opinions a little!


Yes – but again, only in the case that this person has no skill role.

If someone has been identified as adding value to the DAO but doesnt have a skill role, i think we need to have a format where Class B members can give input on proposals and DAO functions so we can then point to that for reason of scholarship


I’m following the discussion for a couple of days now and it’s great to see so many different ideas that have all a similar goal - to engage people and reward them for valuable content. The who and how seems to be the issue though.
Maybe, we should settle this first. Do we want wo reward new people, that aren’t grape member yet? Do we want to help people to get to a higher rank? What is our goal here (or do we have several)?

If we just want to have some form of incentive ready then it might be a good idea to not give out fixed amounts of $GRAPE but to help people advance to the next tier. The respective SubDAO can evaluate the effort and depending an the level of a member, decide whether it is enough to gain the $GRAPE needed for the next rank. That way, someone with really good content is able to reach C, B and then A. Someone with a constant ‘low level’ effort would maybe reach C, but it wouldn’t be enough (quality-wise) to get to B.

This would help get new members from the community and incentivize them to be active without the need for a role. Members with a role would be excluded, since they can be rewarded via their respective SubDAO rewards.


My vote is on helping people to a higher rank - verified wallets have had a history of volunteering work in the jungle-work channel – so someone that is “new” could always get a scholarship like that

There should be prior proof of effort that hasnt already been acknowledged with a Class B skill role


i understand the being active in the discord and contributing is the best way to get considered for a scholarship. but i’d recommend that along with this, for future epochs we should formalise the process of applying for a scholarship. especially since this is permission-ed we should avoid the perception of needing a “sponsor” or “appearance of work” to get nominated.

formalise could just mean a doc to outline something like this

  1. complete a work item from “jungle-work”
  2. a list of open tasks that add value to grape that anyone can complete

and people should be able to “apply” form a scholarship once they’ve done this. should not require a DAO member to nominate them. this could later evolve into a fully permissionless bounty board over time…


we should restart this vote now that we’ve discussed this alot

My vote would be to have this kind of program with 2 types of people in mind

Type 1: Verfied wallets/active Class B/C members that show huge contirbutions over 1 month’s time
Type 2: Verified wallets of talented/influencer/founder level partners that want to be more involved with the DAO and GRAPE

In both instances, i think the DAO Custody for a year is the way to go – we can make it vesting with a 3 month cliff – 9 month monthly vesting

This ensures we get the benefits of the user upfront, and they receive the community benefits without the economic barrier. At the end of the day, we can quickly see if someone is simply abusing this to play in events and cancel the scholarship before the 3 month cliff

Considering the size of the allocation for this epoch – i imagine we will have 90% of these emissions go to type 2 individuals


For most scholarships, won’t they earn enough GRAPE to become whatever class they need to be pretty quickly (much less than 1 year)? So not sure what the purpose of giving them the GRAPE at the end of 1 year is. It’s effectively a bonus for not being a Grape member beforehand.

For example, if a class B works for a year getting 1000 GRAPE each epoch, he will end up with 12000. If someone with a scholarship does this, they get 12000 but also 5050 or whatever that the DAO custodies for them until the year ends. You’re better off starting as a non-member, which is weird.

Since they won’t hold the GRAPE in their wallet, I assume they will be granted Discord permissions for their class manually. Since this is the case, I don’t see the purpose of hypothetically custodying GRAPE for them to begin with. Can’t a scholarship just mean we grant them temporary permissions for a class for the purpose of doing work for Grape?

Apologies if I’m fundamentally misunderstanding something.


For the scholarships at small amounts – those are meant to get skill role people which i agree with the issues you brought up, might as well just give it to them i guess – but its also good to evaluate the committment

For the potential DAO members, the expectation is no work role and mainly contribution in governance and networking. There would be no emission reward for those users

The goal is to give them access to show they want to be a part of this – and at the same time, prevent the risk of dumping this “free allocation”. Using time as a barrier helps filter out people who will try to game this process

So i think the most scholarships (as a size of allocation, not volume) wont have emissions to earn the role


It seems that I misunderstood the whole idea of ‘scholarship’. I genuinely thought that its main goal was to support someone (with $GRAPE/a Class) who by themselves wouldn’t be able or simply hasn’t bought enough so far.
Now I am a bit confused, why we should give them more than the initial $GRAPE (for a Class). If they do e.g. jungle-work and get paid that way, that’s totally fine but has nothing to do with the scholarship. right?
Sorry for causing additional irritation :sweat_smile:

Totally agree with Dean on this not to include role skilled people on the Scholarships I really thank you so much for honoring me with your proposal though Dim, I appreciate it.

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Wouldn’t it make more sense if people had to apply for the Scholarships and then we review the applications and decide if they deserve it or not ?