Solana Breakpoint Tickets

The final shortlist for purchasing Solana Breakpoint tickets

@DeanMachine @Whale_s_Friend @riderinred @Takisoul @Avidlearner @_Alexperts.sol @TataMartins

As discussed on the DAO call on Sunday, the final step is to qualify from this shortlist. IMO, we can potentially purchase one for every member here

@Takisoul mentioned that we should remove members that have a history of selling their Grape Emissions. I know for sure that impacts a few of these members. Ideally, those members could share their thoughts on this vs us having to publish transactions.

@Whale_s_Friend mentioned we should have a “proof of ticket” showing that the applicants are serious about attending Breakpoint and have already purchased a flight ticket.

The proof of ticket is a bit of an operational nightmare – we’d have to publicly share our flight details and names. Where would that be? Id rather not explore this one and have trust that our members are not wasting our money.

I will put the following votes below

Should we purchase a maximum of 3,5,7 tickets
Should we purchase for members that have sold Grape Emissions
Should we require a “proof of ticket”

For everyone to know my position:
Purchase up to 7 tickets
I’m unsure if we should purchase for members even if they have sold Grape before (I need to think about it and see what those members do/share about this dilemma)
Do not require a “proof of ticket”

On Tuesday’s DAO call, we will make the final list and then I will figure out how to do the purchase in the most transparent and decentralised way possible!

  • Purchase up to 3 tickets
  • Purchase up to 5 tickets
  • Purchase up to 7 tickets

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  • Do not purchase for members that have sold Grape emissions
  • Purchase for members even if they have sold Grape emissions before

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  • Require a “Proof of Ticket” before purchasing
  • Do not require a “Proof of Ticket”

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How soon for GRAPE lockers?
Ideally would like to add that into the mix as well for a pre-req

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Not sure how I feel about those who sold emissions, cuz even though I had or do sometimes out of necessity, I cover it back, plus I hold GAN, Alpha club token (since release), and 8 GCT.

That out of the way, I honestly don’t think I’d be able to make it, or even if I do it’d be difficult. So I wouldn’t want to waste any ticket from the DAO.
I’ll be leaning more towards an acceptance for the Solana fellowship/student program.


Also, being a Neanderthal is a criteria too right?

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Grape Lockers will be up this week likely, but with no extra voting weight until we figure out reputation

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Still don’t know if I’ll be able to make it, please take my name off the list. Sadge.

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No this is not a criteria that was brought up – so I dont expect that it will pop in this late in the discussion!


Selling should be considered along with purchases to make them back + common grape purchases throughout the year

Other than that 7 relevant people should go. No need for proof of ticket imo. On such missions grape members have been screen already by the protocol and the community to be eligible for such purchase so logically they will go.

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Final names!


I’ll look into next steps and see how we can do this all through realms :slight_smile:


Wohooo! Lets go!
Some of my main mission goals:
I wanna discuss with portals a Grape Citizen card
I want to promote the value proposition of our DAO
I want to make connection between NFT projects and the grape members we send on the mission.
Promote the value and tech it brings to communities created within our ecosystem


How this will be executed

We will have an onchain proposal to send USDC to this address SoL351y4uKWtbH14AU1Rhiao96aBM4u57bMi5Vj2XJc – this is where Solana will receive the funds and then credit us with 5 redemption codes. I believe those codes will be sent directly to me from a Solana team member (most likely Austin). Each of those codes will be given to the respective members that were approved for this.

Excited to move this one forward!


Confirmation from Sebastian regarding the address to send the Sol to


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