Staking SOL with a validator current progress and seed bump record keeping

I am creating this thread to keep track of our Staked SOL on realms along with any previous proposals we have created.

We have created the following three test proposals, to confirm everything is working as expected.

  1. Test Stake 1 SOL to Genesysgo Validator Realms

  2. Deactivate Validator Stake Realms

  3. Withdraw SOL deposited + rewards from stake account

For every new stake account we create (or SOL added) a new stake account needs to be created with a incremental seed bump. We have currently used seed 1, I have included a screenshot bellow of the correct settings to proceed with a community proposal.

Validator: AKoVXpZmi8wSz3sGvCYEygbpdHvSRysWsh36b97iPvKh
Seed: 2


Last 2000 SOL stake was from proposal using seed bump 2

Staking account → FaqbpZpAHbrS5SSUNTTge1QTYVxmxVJ8hHxdqcKSKLjg

When we stake our next batch this will be in a separate account.

  • In the meantime we will test merging staking accounts in separate realm so this could be a future proposal. This functionality currently doesn’t exist but we should make a bounty for Godmodegalactus to add the functionality.

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