[Discussion] Proposal to increase education/skill based contests

This proposal is to create a baseline expectation for the contest budget to include more design/writing/other contests that mirror our skillforce roles

One member pointed out that Class C users can only increase roles by purchasing more Grape or by playing in our contests. These contests are 100% game based and dont help increase our workforce

My recommendation is we require a percentage of contest budget to go towards “Skill-role contests” . This could substitute/take the place of our scholarship program.

1)Each subDAO would be required to ideate 1 contest every epoch. The goal behind this contest is to discover talent and increase the skillforce. The result of each contest would be the addition of a minimum of one new skillforce member. The grape holding requirement would be part of the prize pool

2)The budget from these contests would come from the existing contest allocation

3)These contests would need to be overseen by the Organizer group, with the expectation that the subDAOs have completed the speccing and scoping of the contest. Here is an example of a contest and the kind of information we need

  • Bounty Title
  • What the user submits (Twitter Link, YouTube Link, etc)
  • Winner Selection (How the winner is chosen)
  • Mission (Overall objective of bounty)
  • Guide (specific instructions)
  • Number of winners
  • Reward Amount

4)In the event a subDAO doesnt create a contest, that contest allocation is forfeited to a different subDAO that has successfully completed its monthly contest


I love this proposal.

Creating contests that would effectively operate as a form of scholarship is very interesting and a way to recruit/discover potential workforce members outside the pool of Class B and above.

Examples of this could range from creating a tutorial video, (cc) , review a project (cc, researchers) , writing contests (reviews, tutorials, endless possibilities), design/video content (animation, illustration design)

What I find most interesting that , if done in the correct way, will help elevate the quality level across our workforce, which is something we must always aim to, especially if we are moving to become a service DAO, offering top notch services .


I could put a ring on the finger of this idea. Lately I was thinking about how we could make the scholarship award better and this about covers it. Now all class C members can get involved! Also would be nice if they could honor some of the request in the work request channel specially for those who wishes to become designers and Videographers


Yeah this is a great proposal, I’m glad we’re once again looking at skill Contests again-- it’ll be better if we also keep running the gaming Contests too; sort of create a diversified Community in Grape where both the Gamers and Skilled people can thrive


Had thought of bringing back the OG role channel from before and allocating a portion of contents to grant on a weekly basis one new Class B role. Could even implement a poll to engage with the community.

Essentially, inviting anyone or class C member to the channel “What makes you GRAPE?” to grant class B role

-recruitment and marketing with engagement are all tied up in this
-would measure their activity in the server
-see what value they bring overall, event just participating is step in the right direction

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I agree on this one as it promotes the skill hunting and brainstorming for better Ideas, it contribute into the community bonding more, Team power.

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Interesting Idea. love it

Can’t wait to see this happen. I’ve thought about hosting a contest before but I didn’t think it was allowed since we were focusing on mostly gaming as organizers but I like this idea, it opens many doors To Grape.

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in general is a good idea but we should think a little deeper in some points. Many people who now have a role at Grape have spent a lot of time and energy for its roll and have worked for a long time for its roll. If we give to winners of the competition equal role and equal emission I think not quite fair.
I think this idea is great, but must have a pair of requirements, for example:

  1. open only for Class B after reaching certain Discord level and passed in a quiz (the questions could be about Solana Ecosystem and Grape Protocol)

  2. winner get trial role for 1 month and if most SubDAO have posetive opinion about this person could have this role forever.

It is my idea, if someone thinks otherwise I will be glad to see your feedback.

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I agree with what Daniel said. We have to see his performance and activeness in this community. This is just to ensure that whoever wins later doesn’t disappear when getting a role skill and that person only appears on a few occasions.

100% Supported.

This is reminiscent of an early idea that was brewing in the brainstorming sessions of the past but needed clearly defined points and an outlined proposal to move it forward.

Thanks for driving the conversation to make it happen.

IMHO - The speed at which anyone has received a role varies across SubDAOs, and receiving a role doesn’t guarantee future participation.

Emissions are based on performance, and holding a role doesn’t automatically set the expectation that anyone receives emissions if they don’t provide any value, produce any work, or clearly support or organize others to do so.

Getting a role and earning emissions are 2 separate processes.