GGC Divesting STEPN Assets - Barndog Offering to purchace Grape Genesis Sneaker

The Gaming Council is planning to divest it’s STEPN assets to free up capital to invest other games.

The principle STEPN asset is the Solana Genesis sneaker that was given to the DAO for Barndog’s work on Jogging with Barndog events that were hosted in the Grape discord. Having some attachement to the sneaker as it was given for his work promoting STEPN, Barndog has offered to purchase the Solana Genesis sneaker for 80 SOL.

Solana Genesis Sneakers are currently selling for between 80 - 120 SOL. The Genesis holders have been rewarded with airdrops of sneakers to new realms in the past and would be likely to receive further future rewards but we wouldn’t be sure when these may come.

e.g. Genesis holders have been airdropped 2 sneakers to date, one at the launch of the Binanace Realm at the start of May and one with the Launch of the Ethereum Realm mid-july. Being early to new realms has seen some of the best returns.

With STEPN having just launched the 3rd Realm its not clear when a Forth Realm will be launched, or when any future rewards to Genesis holders may come and if Genesis sneakers will appreciate from their current prices.

GGC felt best to put this to the wider DAO to ensure transparency and no conflict of interest with the proposed sale.

  • Happy to Sell the Genesis for 80 SOL to Barndog
  • Hold onto the Genesis or Sell on the open market

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I think we should hold it and sell when theres demand for it… these sneaker floor sold for 300sol+ prior to ETH realm launch. I say we hold it and sell when a new demand comes up.

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Right now, the genesis sneaker doesn’t have a major utility as it has launched in every popular realm that matters out there. But I’m sure the team would have contingencies set in place for the genesis sneaker so ,what ever option this poll decides is fine. Personally, I’ll hope we keep the sneaker and ride it along the team’s development for step N

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