[Vote] Buy an SMB

As part of the discussion in the DAO talk 12/5/2021 – I think we should purchase blue chip NFTs for our Treasury

Purchasing an SMB is the first step towards this

  • Buy SMB
  • Dont buy SMB

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Rejected the proposal subject to lack of price limit. My 2 Grapes: If NFT price is at or below approximately 50% the total SOL holdings in Treasury, or approx 100 SOL currently, I would vote Yes for SMB. Alternatively, Would also add a DegenApe NFT.

SMB NFT Floor = 123
SOL Holdings = 195
SOL Price = $190
SMB Value = $23K
SOL Holdings = $37K

accepted but would also like to see a roadmap and cost benefit to the dao. for example buying photo finish stud for breeding to bring income for breeding and benefit holders. what is the cost benefit for smb? purely price speculation?


I strongly believe as a community that prides ourselves on being solana specific, helping the ecosystem, providing the edge… GRAPE NEEDS to be in every blue chip NFT in the ecosystem.

This will not only provide us with valuable social connections but actual insight into the movements of other DAOs. So that we may plan our path and strategy accordingly.

While the immediate cost of these blue-chips might be high, i believe the long term benefits outweigh this.
A possible way of acquiring these blue chips might not be to buy them off the floor but to use the teams connections with other already established daos and KOLs to acquire a blue chip OTC. Probable, not impossible.


I don’t really understand why.

Also there is the risk that once you start buying bluechips and the market evolves, you have to buy the new bluechip every so often. (It also risks buying high & selling low - though not necessarily here with SMB, as buying the top was a month ago.)

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Totally agree with you Tmnxeq, why don’t we go for new bluechip like unq and more…

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I am in favor having at least 3 of each bluechip NFT as a long term strategy for our treasury. Regarding the timing of the acquisition, my personal opinion is that there is currently an overall downward trend in the NFT prices and the demand hasn’t matched offered supply yet. The floor for a SMB was 122-125 yesterday with offers at 100 SOL. Today the floor is at 111 with offers at 88, we should proceed with a purchase of the best SMB we can get (better rarity ranking) once the offered prices are within 5 SOL of the listed prices.


Vote only lasted for 12 hours?

We should consider that bluechips are less valuable when owned by organizations, because it doesn’t provide the critical feature of being able to access the bluechip’s community. Users buy bluechips for price speculation too, but participation in the community is also a significant reason to own them. Since we won’t be able to experience that aspect (we are a collective, not an individual), purchasing them is mainly for price speculation. So there needs to be a clear thesis as to why we think they will appreciate in value. Further, they need to be compared with other potential non-NFT investments. For example (totally random), do we think it will outperform RAY? ORCA? IN? Why?

َAs far as accessing the bluechip’s community is concerned we can delegate the authority to one of the researchers to take part in that community and bring back the alpha to Grape community. I think being in a community is more important than the prestigious value of holding a blue chip in our treasury.

There was mention of Whales having access to their community via a GRAPE-owned wallet to then be able to relay info towards our direction. (paraphrasing)


Yeah we realized we can make a discord account owned by the community that will be verified with our treasury wallet. round robin dao exposure


Round robin access is very appealing.

Furthering a relationship between MonkeyDAO and Grape seems like a “no brainer” for the long term.

I’m not too keen on referring to NFTs as “blue chip”. I’m not sure there’s any other with such a clear case for purchase, except those with gaming utility.

I agree with buy, when I don’t know. My guess is that there maybe more downside yet.

Does this mean if you’re a Grape member you’ll also have access to the SMB Discord?

I doubt they’d be happy with every Grape member gaining access.

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I think access is given to one or two people, preferably from researcher Sub DAO


And then the researcher leaks alpha from the SMB Discord to Grape?


I missed the vote but would have said yes (to SMB) under the following conditions:

  • We’re not in a position where NFTs represent the majority of our holdings in terms of value

  • A researcher that has time on their hands gains access and shares worthwhile alpha in a time-sensitive way. They also need to be up to speed with and engaged with NFTs. A ton of ‘alpha’ and projects are shared, so it would be important to have somebody that could filter through it

  • The role isn’t given to any one researcher indefinitely and preferably, it would be rotated

  • We can snag one at a ‘bargain’ price. I think it could be interesting for the DAO at around 100 sol if they dip that low

My thoughts here aren’t set in stone and I’m open to other views

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To be clear, I’m asking because if this is the case, from SMB’s perspective it’s worse than everyone in Grape having access to the SMB Discord – some guy extracts all the alpha in SMB and makes it easily digestible for everyone in Grape. How to get SMB alpha? Don’t buy a monke, just get some GRAPE. So I doubt that they’d be happy with this model either (in fact it’s worse for them).

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But can they - or should they - do anything about it? This is something a Grape + SMB holder can do even now if motivated enough

Just saying, because some people were talking about the benefit of building a relationship with them or something.

Also, if getting alpha is the main goal, there’s no need to buy 3.