Grape Dao - Better Governance Process communication for Grape Dao


The current governance process documentation is rather difficult to navigate for any average DAO member. And I want to simplify that using Syncvote (this is a product I am building) - the platform specifically designed to streamline workflows, facilitate decision-making, and ensure that every member’s input is considered.

I want community members to feel like they are navigating a clear and straightforward path, rather than getting lost in a sea of links.


As a new member learning about Grape governance process and wanting to make new proposal to the DAO, I find these are the problems that create a barrier for new member to join and participating in the DAO:

  • The governance process is in docs, while the proposals are in the forum, templates are in github,… so it’s really hard for members and admin to follow and keep track across different platforms.
  • The most important and high-frequency-used documents and links (eg: the most updated governance process, proposal templates, Snapshot spaces, .) are not pinned somewhere obvious on Forum & Discord, taking new DAO members a lot of time, patience and effort to navigate and onboard themselves.


I’ve already made a new presentation of Grape and in the next step section below, I outline the actions needed for Grape to adopt Syncvote.

Outcome expected:

I aim to transition from this lengthy and tedious text:

To more intuitive workflows, like the picture below.

My co-founder help me has created a video to illustrate how the new presentation is better for Grape to communicate the governance process and make it easier for admins to manage any future update of the process help you easily comprehend the reasons behind this proposal and what lies ahead (Syncvote <> Grape):

Next Step

I propose to use our redesigned workflow as the official governance process document.

Next steps will be (for more details, I will put in the comments below):

  1. Replace governance process docs by Syncvote’s redesign workflow (SyncVote App). To be specific, the governance process will be put with a hyperlink to the workflow. When community members click to this thread, it will lead them to Syncvote interface.
  2. Put the text and link in Governance Guide in FAQ - Link channel in Discord
  3. Create a box with “Grape governance process framework” in: [Dao category in forum]. Reason: Normally people will come right to the Governance Category when they think of Governance, so having some instructions there will bring good experiences for community members.


The goal of this proposal is to improve the governance experience of the Grape’s community members. I fully respected the current governance process and did not make any change to it.

For me personally, I’ve been joining hundred of DAOs since I start develop Syncvote and I find Grape team is one of the most active and welcoming team, that’s why I would like to do my contribution to improve Grape community.

I would also be happy to update the workflow if there’s anything mismatched or missing; or transfer the editor right for you anytime.