I think i have a great Idea that could be a FPS game or Implemented in real life for an Airsoft game

Ok, so this is about as early stage an idea you can have! but it’s something i’ve been thinking about for years. My problem is i don’t know how to computer program and/or the money to start the real world side of my idea.

So i’ll start with a little background about me then go into the idea.

I’m just going to stick with my username for now, So i’m 42 years old, currently i work from home as a Customer Service Rep for a Childrens Subscription box company, I love Fantasy and Scifi, i read a lot and I’m all in on crypto and have been teaching myself the basic ins and outs, I’ve made mistakes and I’ve lost and made Money with it. That being said i’m just your average poor guy with an idea. I need help to determine what would be the way to see my Idea come to life… So here goes.

My Idea In a nutshell: you have 2 teams that will VS each other, Each team will start out with a base amount on points to spend on building the battlefield. things you could purchase with those points include, Cover, spawns, Gear, but mostly the cover. Each team would have a set amount of time to build the defenses and lines of cover for the push to take out the opponent. I think this appealing in that fact that no map will ever be the same and Strategy would have to be implemented. I also think this format allows for Scenario and Theme missions/rounds For example, Aliens have crash landed. the scenario objectives would be For the aliens get 3 points of their ship repaired so they can escape or survive the time limit set to the round. I Think the aliens would have a set number of respawns while the human would have no set limit. I think the aliens would have a much higher build pool of points to use since they are obviously at a serious disadvantage. For the humans to win i think they would have to kill the aliens to the point of having no more respawns or overtake and destroy the points the aliens need to repair I.E. Engines, FuelSupply, Navigation.

Thats one scenario, but the main idea is to have 2 teams that have a set amount of time to build their side of the battlefield and then battle. Simple but very open to expansion or ideas. I Think the idea has potential and if I had money or knew people that knew how to code would have this idea already implemented and started.

The real life airsoft side would be cheaper to implement i think. In my mind I have a grid of 100 holes that are mounting points for the various covers the teams can purchase with their respective builds pools. I think each item of cover would have a set cost. examples of cover would be a whole wall, a half wall, a three foot stepup for creating high ground, in the alien example aliens would have the option of a gatlin gun etc… From this point it’s up to each teams strategy and imagination on how to win the day.

Anyway i’m open to thoughts and ideas in fact i welcome it. I’ve thought and thought about it but dont’ have a lot of resources or ideas on how to get the resources to implement the Idea.

So that’s my idea let me know what you think or if i should just give up on it.

As far as grape goes, I"d like to help in any way i can I’d be willing to provide a little resourses I.E. I have 200 bucks to start a farm or something and after i get that initial investment back put all the money of the farm back into Grape. I know community first is the idea, but i’m a poor man from colorado with an Idea I think could be worth millions

Let me know what you all think and thanks for your time and I look forward to props or critisisms.



I’ve probably posted this in the wrong place as well and if so i apoligize and can we move it to the proper channel if needed

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Hi KaoFinniric!
First off, regarding your idea for a game. Well, it seems that you have a rough picture of what it could look like. I feel though, that at this stage it is nothing for Grape as a community project. There are too many unanswered questions that you need address first so that when you approach someone with your idea who might be able to help you, you yourself have a solid plan in place.

But don’t be discouraged. All projects start with an idea.
Also, great to hear that you want to get involved in the community! Since you are a Customer Service Rep, maybe you could help out in the help channels on Discord. There are so many people each day who have questions and are looking for answers, and this could be a way for you to get more involved.

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