Idea to promote activeness of Grape community members

I am impressed how the community members have been able to contribute in several ways to build the community to what it is today. However, I also have an idea that I feel would also be appreciated. Details are stated in the following paragraphs below.

First of all, I would state that this would improve the activeness of individuals and also educate and entertain community members. I suggest I have a separate room for this because sharing it in the jungle or general chat might not yield much attention as some people might come online and skip all messages to recent chats.


I have listed the headings of what I will be posting every week after carefully studying the activities of the Grape community, grape access partners, the Solana ecosystem and the crypto space at large. I will also attach a short description to them.

  1. CRYPTO QUOTE OF THE WEEK: I am very active on social media platforms especially twitter and I am very observant. I will take note of the tweet that seems to be the most relatable “crypto wisdom” for the week and share and reference the person too.

  2. MOST ACTIVE GATE: I will be carefully observing all gate rooms on the grape discord to choose the most active gate of the week. I have noticed that most gate communities are not active on grape and this is my strategy to make the sol founders of their respective gates deduce ways to make their gated communities active.

  3. TWEET OF THE WEEK: This is limited to Grape community members who put out mind blowing contents on twitter but lack recognition and this will promote community members’ activeness on twitter. If you do tweet entertaining and educational contents and you want your tweets to stand a chance of being picked as the tweet of the week, make sure you are follow @grapeprotocol on twitter. Follow me on twitter too: @ceefoon. Each time you tweet, do well to tag me and grape protocol’s twitter handle with $grape tag.

  4. EVENT OF THE WEEK: This is mainly for the Grape event organisers. I will be carefully observing all events which would include gaming events and competitiions. The event of the week and its organiser(s) will be picked based on the number of participants and activeness and contributions of fellow community members.

  5. PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE WEEK: This will be a random nice picture of anything that seems to be imposing with a short description.

  6. TOP GAINER AND TOP LOOSER (GATED TOKEN) OF THE WEEK: I will be using Coinmarketcap or coingecko to analyse how each gated token on the grape discord has performed in the past 7 days to determine the top gainer and top looser.

  7. QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I will end by asking a random question which might require you doing some research to get appropriate answers for oneself to improve self education or a question that might help you self reflect on your personal life.

Now here’s what I think. After a month, I think rewards should be given to the sol founder that is wins the most active gate for the month and event organisers that would be winning the event of the month. There might be a reward for the tweet of the month and it should have to be determined by allowing community members to vote.

However, I have been brainstorming to come up with a name for the room but it seems difficult so I need suggestions on the name that should be given to the room if this is approved. Secondly, I don’t really know the rewards that should be given to the sol founders and the event organisers. Or should rewards be scraped out?

I will be adding more to this as time goes on. This idea might not be too outstanding so do well to give suggestions to improve it. I also request for the permission to use the @everyone tag when posting.


I think @cavicon1 idea is amazing, in the end of the month we would be making a tweet on the gate with the grape price. This will yield commitment and boost gate participation.


Generally, I love the idea cavicon was able to come up with overtime. I can’t help but feel like this would be a lot of work for one person to handle. We could set up a task force for this with cavicon in charge as I believe going about it this way would yield an effective result


Love the idea, both as a way to potentially generate value/excitement/output, but also to distribute Grape to someone(s) who is contributing to the community. Could be a way for people who are eager to contribute, but not sure what or how.
Agree w Crex that this is probably too much for only one person

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I’m all for it. Great idea!
Maybe you don’t start with the whole list, since it looks like a lot of work. But if you feel confident to manege this much consistently, fire away :rocket:

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Thanks for the suggestions so far.
I agree with the fact that it might be hectic for me to do all these repeatedly weeks after weeks and months after months and it would be a great pleasure to have a few persons who can handle any or some of these categories effectively.

I think I can confidently handle the most active gate of the week because I own all gated tokens and the star atlas NFT therefore having access to all gates listed on Grape, the tweet of the week and the question of the week. Feel free to show interest in any category you feel you can handle effectively or add a category of your choice.

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This is Totally Doable, especially with the most Active Gates-- I feel like it’s something we can shade more Light and experiment on.
Can also be Remodified and additional stuffs could be also Added