Introducing Dework to the GrapeDAO for Bounty Management

TLDR: Dework is great tool to bring transparency and organization regarding bounties for Grape. It’s free and web3 native.

As per today DAO Call (21th August 2022) and hearing about the partnership and proposal we as DAO to the SuperteamDAO about mostly creating bounty awareness to all old, new and upcoming bounties/task/ideas from the GrapeDAO, I have come to present here a solution or an alternative to what can become a solution to the Bounty Management.

This alternative/solution came from me (@legend) working with @potrok & @sher9n from Lighthouse while building their Discord structure and noticed the Lighthouse team used Dework for their team tasks.

After a deep-dive into Dework, I came to a conclusion that this is what GrapeDAO needs for a faster automation, easy management, award contributors and bring awareness. Below I will now explain what is Dework, what are the features, how can grape use this and what are the pros and cons.

What is Dework?

Dework is platform for web3 teams to engage with internal & external contributors, pay contributors while boosting their reputation for work completed, discover how DAOs get work done and how to work with contributors.
It allows all kinds of projects to work openly or privately, and have contributors participate through tasks either by application, open submissions or gated claiming.


“Dework gives Web3 builders all the tools and talent necessary to help ambitious DAOs reach their full potential.”

  • Anish Agnihotr, Paradigm researcher.

“I had no way of knowing how to contribute, recalling how when I first looked into joining some DAOs, I had few ways to reach members besides direct messages on Discord.

  • Hamaili, DAO Contributor

“Currently DAOs don’t have a good way of showcasing their roadmap and saying, ‘This is what we’re building, So if you want to contribute, you’re forced to actively search and push, rather than be pulled in. By using Dework, it’s easier to pull people into the DAO, because you can show what needs to be done, and contributors can join, grab a task, and start to contribute—and get paid in crypto.”

  • Hamaili, DAO Contributor
  • Inbox

The in-app Inbox provides a handy place to view updates about tasks you’re reviewing or contributing to across Dework.

  • Payments

Accepts most EVM chains but in our case supports Solana through Phantom wallet. (wen Solflare)

  • Task Types & Assignee Gating

Task/Bounties can be assigned to single or multiple people via discord role, link or dework. Community members can also claim the task/bounty by the methods above.

  • Task Views

By default a new project will come with 3 standard views: board, open tasks and community suggestions.

  • Org Community Suggestions

As the name implies Community Suggestions are a great way to give a voice to your community and understand what their needs are.

  • Project Roadmap

An easy way to communicate DAO’s plans to contributors. This makes it easy to be transparent about progress and keeping the roadmap up to date with DAO spaces & tasks.

  • Hosting Contests & Hackathons (not yet released)

Below are some preview of the general features but there way more features which cannot fit here so a video to demonstrate for example the work of GrapeDAO on Dework will be below the picture previews.


How can GrapeDAO use this?

Below is a video that I recorded on how GrapeDAO would work on bounties/task using Dework features.

From what is missing on the video is the payment of the bounty and also allowing users with this discord role to claim the bounty, but even missing from the video Dework supports this.

  • Supports Solana.
  • Can reward contributors/community members with $GRAPE or any SPL token.
  • Discord Integration.
  • Bounty Awareness around the web3 ecosystem.
  • Automation of tasks.
  • Friendly UI
  • Making Batch Payments (Solana not supported yet)
  • Free


  • No multi-sig support (yet)
  • Grants are only available for bigger Organizations (Solana, Tezos, Coinbase, OpenSea, etc…)
  • No treasury

There is probably more pros and cons that I’m not seeing but I’m free to discuss.


I really think this should be an addition to the GrapeDAO to manage bounties/tasks/grants and I volunteer to manage the Dework space alongside the DAO and the Bounty Master if needed. Feel free to ask any questions or ideas.

Luckily through my research I found Solana Foundation uses Dework for their grants.


Dework Gitbook


I’m totally biased but DeWork does make it super easy to collaborate. @legend discovered the bounties feature the other day and that blew our minds :exploding_head: so we’ll be leaning into that a lot more.


you are a legend and this is awesome! 100% support us using this


I have played w dework in the past and have to admit it is super slick & nicely organized. I can definitely see us using it as our primary bounty hq.

I fully support this and :clap: to @legend for the initiative!

PS: Extra points for the amazing discourse post & the fact you recorded a half hr video to show us.


Excellent explanation video.
I like this, quite a bit, the addition of tags and the ability to prioritize bounties to easier differ ours is a welcome feature, and the ability to share the link across socials when we have new bounties, an area that already gives more exposure to our bounties by virtue of platform.

Payment will most likely have to go through the person who sets it up, as you mentioned in the cons list. But the flow is worth it imho
Especially if the person is someone who is voted onto the role of “bounty master”

The flow into Discord as well is a nice touch when bounties are created as well


I wonder if there is a way to send the payment request as a vote on realms…

That would be a very cool way to do this in the most decentralized way possible.

Ie, the wallet that is tied to deworks is a wallet holding 200k $GRAPE… :smiling_imp:
Even better, the bounty payment vote-process gets initiated WHEN that wallet reaches 200k $GRAPE …

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That would be cool and it’s possible to give this idea to the Dework team via community suggestions they have.

But personally I would go for multi-sig then realms.


@legend let’s give it a try this weekend.
For live bounties I think it’s best to wait until they have Squads integrated.

Would love it if it works with wallet login only, those discord session cookies get snacked all the time. So many stories about that happening.


Love it! Worth trying it out for sure. There’s a neat Discord integration as well so that should be useful!


You mean if there was a compromise of the dework bot?

Cool demo and features, looking forward to us using it.
I’m curious if dework can replace discourse in any way or maybe in future updates since there’s been some talks around Grape labs having to build an alternative platform.
Also asking since on dework proposals/bounties can be upvoted to rank up in priority.

Sure, I’m free to help on whatever is needed.


@legend - This is absolutely fantastic! Looking forward to testing once everyone is on board and the intergrations are there.

Looks amazing.

Should we setup a test environment to run a few examples to show others? Open to suggestions on how we get this going!

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DeWork looks great - but it’s not listed in the Solana Ecosystem docs? Also not open-source?

Adding context: Not sure if Gilder will do more or if Hackathon contestant Slink counts or whether it’s safe, secure or fully open source → Thought the tool looked great, BUT I don’t trust it because I don’t know who the contributors are or what their affiliation to Solana is.

Slink GitHub:
Contributors → Nick Zhelezkov, Eugene Galtsov, Eduard Gorkh

We need to be very careful about any solution imho - i.e. any tests done with dummy wallets or squads etc

Looking forward to getting a test going on “something” like this.

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For DeWork there is one test environment that legend set up with which you can play around. I imported the Bounty Kanban Trello into it so we can see what it does.

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