[Discussion] New Year Events

1. Project Overview

  • Grape is a DAO, we are not only building DAO toolset but also building our community in the metaverse. Currently, we neither have a strong consensus nor a community culture. Most of the contests we organized in the past are off-chain game contests which don’t help us with establishing our brand image as a Web3 project at all. People get their rewards and immediately dump on us.
    Culture adds value to NFT projects and DAOs. There are so many DAOs nowadays, what makes Grape unique? Grape is aiming to be the very first global DAO and creates a metaverse that is culturally inclusive for everybody. People of all cultural orientations can freely express and share a wide array of perspectives.
    New Year is coming, different cultures around the world celebrate the start of a new year differently, it’s a good time for us to seek publicity and promote cultural exchange in the Solana ecosystem. Hence I propose that we organize a series of events to:

2. Project Objectives

  • Strengthen brand image and form a strong community consensus,(3, 3)
  • Build social cohesion in our communities
  • Boost brand awareness and bring more exposure to our social accounts (grapevine, grape calendar, etc.)
  • Attract more Skill Roles by promoting inclusiveness, also attract people from other Solana projects
  • Promote activeness of Grape community members
  • Increase numbers of holders
  • The cultural blending, let community members exchange their cultures with others

3. Design

I want to keep it mysterious, so I won’t leak too much info here

  • A series of NFT mascots, NFT scenes, NFT badges (POAP), NFT avatars, and avatar frames. These NFTs have different cultural elements.
  • Cultural events / contests. We invite communities from different regions to design their own games and NFTs, community members can deepen their understanding of Grape and other cultures by participating in this series of activities

4. Mechanics

  • All these NFTs will be seasonal and limited editions. To promote the activeness of Grape community members and cultural exchange, the more events a member participates in, the more limited edition NFTs a member will get. We will create different sizes of prize pools, NFT holders will receive different amounts of raffle tickets. We can also design retrospective rewards and mysterious boxes, we take snapshots before an announcement so that we can get rid of airdrop hunters.

5. Organizational Structure and Workflow

Since it’s a series of large events, Pandas Crew will collaborate with other subDAOs. We are a small team and we need support from you guys : )

To reduce language barriers/ time zone conflicts, and have better project integration management, we also propose to create the following temples to improve work efficiency:

  • Text-based note-taking to explain the concepts of design. You can just quote other articles, make highlights, and put them together into a reference list.
  • Visual examples. You can make more visual examples into collages to show the illustration styles that you are trying to express.
  • A spreadsheet of skill sets, such as who’s able to 2d sketches, who’s able to turn 2d sketches into 3D.
  • A detailed schedule and timeline. Discord isn’t an ideal workplace for remote teams, probably we need to move docs to Notion/ Google Docs.

This is an excellent one. On the Mechanics of using limited edition NFTs for airdrops, I think airdrop hunters are not much of a case presently after the initial Grape airdrop. Looking at it, the set of community members that qualify for rewards are people holding Grape and most of us(if not all) are very active contributing to the community either by service, education or entertainment and the probability of having an airdrop hunter in this category is very slim.


I really love the content and great vibe the Chinese community and panda crew are bringing along the line. This is great for the future of grape.


Thank you for taking the time to draft this proposal. I love the initiative and the core goal of this proposal.
Given the magnitude of the task, I would kindly request more specific tasks that you require , so that we can help as much as we can.
-Please propose specific events you have in mind that you want us to organize and execute. Given it is December & New Years, indicative dates for these events to be held will be ideal.
-As for the NFT designs, is there any particular progress there? To ensure no leaks, you can ofc share that info to the designated channels for the creative subdao (or any other you find more appropriate) so that we can have an idea what they are about.
-Will the events (still to be defined) offer as prizes the aforementioned NFTs only or Grape as well?
-In short, please provide an as much detailed as possible sample event (type of event, game, platform, prize pool and distribution, date to be held). This will help us understand best what we are looking for and start executing.
PS: Re: the off-chain events, games organized, do you have any specific example of an event that is on-chain (on Solana) , playable at the moment and possible to organize a tournament around it?
Once again, thank you bringing this proposal forward and looking forward to the discussion in order to distill it into actionable steps.


Thank you Takisoul for such detailed guidelines! I haven’t made it into proposal yet, I’m a new comer so I want to get to know other subDAOs first (such as their workflows, calendars, skill trees, etc.). Maybe we can do an online meeting or create a thread to have more discussions with others who are interested in this event, and then we can put things together to make a formal proposal!

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I like the overall concept especially NFT limited series designed containing different cultural elements. I proposed some time ago to design 3 characters representing the different membership classes, each member of Grape’s different classes will get one of these NFTs. each of these 3 characters could have different attributes and most importantly are limited, for example, there are only 1000 of them for Class A members to grab in the first Phase. Imagine the hype for people to get into class A to be among the first gorillas to get one of those NFTs.


Great overall idea. If you have a clearer picture of what you specifically need or if you need help organizing, hit me up on Discord.

Awesome idea. It‘s a very good initiative to get more interaction from unactive members! Like @CryptoPawz said, if you need any help, just tell me :slight_smile: