GIP-0.2: Treasury Proposal: Amendment - NFT Code of Conduct & Liquidation

1. Proposal Purpose:

Review NFT Liquidation decision to automatically liquidate NFTs with graphic or offensive content. 2 Examples of such content are the NFTs for: Crypto Idolz & Junkmail that we must reference as a point to take note and implement a decision-making process adherent herein. If the DAO agrees, NFTs will need to be liquidated if they are deemed unacceptable to a basic Code of Conduct adherent and complimentary to the inclusiveness of our community. Alternatively, the DAO could decide to overlook this matter and risk alienating members based on their gender, sex, race, ethnicity, cultural, religious, ethical, or other personally relevant beliefs and backgrounds. These liquidation events would be the only ones acceptable without further approval, review or authorization, unless deemed unclear or border-line based on subjective interpretation.

  • [Explain any relevant background to and reasons for the submitted Grape Proposal. Indicate the nature of the proposal (i.e. whether the proposal is a new process or a revision to an existing process). If relevant, discuss how this proposal submission relates to existing Grape processes.]

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

The GRAPE Community Treasury Vault contains NFTs donated or received from Partners or the broader Community. These NFTs may include imagery, messaging or content that would be deemed offensive, excessive, pornographic, sexual, or, degrading. GRAPE is an inclusive community seeking to grow it’s diverse population and members, and as the Treasury & Vault are intended for the community, publicly referenced and visible, the view of this proposer is that it should reflect the same values GRAPE represents.

  • [Summarize the principles of the proposal and briefly outline the procedures to be used to implement it. If applicable, outline the duration and/or frequency of the proposed action]

3. Stakeholders

DAO & Treasury Management Council (NFTs)

  • [List the stakeholders (i.e. Sub-DAOs, gated communities, or individual Grape Community Members) who are most knowledgeable about the subject matter and/or would be most affected by the submitted proposal. These stakeholders may be consulted during the development and discussion stage of the proposal. The DAO can assist in identifying potential stakeholders.]

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

GRAPE Community Treasury Management & Execution - NFTs. Increases liquidity of GRAPE Community Treasury through the sale of NFTs that do not meet the Code of Conduct criteria.

  • List item [To the extent feasible, identify anticipated cost or resource requirements of the proposed policy, including any human, financial, operational, technological, or other resources that will be needed to reach the proposal execution stage.]
Execute Liquidation of Offensive NFTs
  • Yes: Liquidate Offensive NFT’s
  • No: Hold Offensive NFT’s
  • Maybe: Let the Treasury Team to decide

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Art and Erotica are intimately related.

US web2 companies have forced the web2 to adopt a very oppressive Code of Conduct (see the discussion around nipples on Instagram), I see no reason why web3 should self-censor in a similar way. Hence, in the spirit of Artistic Freedom, a clear “no” from my side.

[By the way, I find the term “offensive NFT” relating to those images very…offensive. I would suggest to explicitly name what you find offensive, rather than putting them all in the same bucket. Erotica/ pornography are very different from racism.]


Fixed an Integration Issue requiring messages to be tagged as “dao”

I believe an ‘NSFW’ wallet would be the middle ground, I don’t want the treasury missing any upside by dumping questionable content because someone doesn’t believe it fit’s Grapes ‘image’.

We could have the main NFT treasury as a ‘SFW’ wallet, and then keep a ‘dark NSFW’ wallet for storing the questionable NFTs.


Agree with this, we will always have community members of all type ages so maintaining a image of Grape thats is healthy is necessary.

So i agree with @kokoko by having 2 wallets, doesn’t stop people from finding on the blockchain but it’s something that can be done and may help a little.

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Also in favour of this suggestion from @kokoko

The only thing I might add - if we are airdropped NFTs that are deemed to be particularly offensive by a large group of people, we can handle them on a case by case basis as I don’t expect this will happen too often


I think a good way is to let the specialized team decides on that. Some NFTs have or will have use cases so they will manage that to maximize the profit.
About when to sell to be fair the team could set a target price to decide that.

In particular i would prefer to use NFT in game because in long term can be really profitable.

To be honest i would split the Treasury form NFT or max 1 member of Treasury should manage the NFT team so all the information move also to the treasury team easily.

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CREATE a secondary ‘NSFW’ specific Treasury wallet to store NFTs deemed Offensive or Inappropriate - and that wallet can only be used to store that type of content.

  1. Main Treasury Wallet: Generic Content
  2. Secondary Treasury Wallet: Rated-R content only. (No other purpose)

Could also include NFTs that we have deemed potentially risky, I asked Perts to move the WoN NFT for example as I don’t trust the project, and wouldn’t justify selling it off to someone else as it was a donation in the first place


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